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With Uber looking to replace its current business model with self-driving vehicles, will taxi drivers survive the autonomous car boom?

A patent filed by Google speculates that mechanical toys, whose embedded microphones would be constantly listening for spoken cues, could be installed in children's bedrooms.

The Facebook founder and CEO said at a Town Hall Q&A last week that playing video games helped him become a programmer.

According to the ALA, the number of libraries that provide access to 3-D printers is growing.

YouTube announces it will support live streaming at 60 frames per second, considered the standard for video games. YouTube will also allow viewers to rewind streams, then speed them up to catch back up with what is happening live.

While Facebook attempts to connect the two-thirds of the world without Internet access, it faces a growing backlash. What is the 'net neutrality' debate really about?

Netflix announced on Wednesday that the website's user interface will be getting an update for the first time since 2011.

Microduino’s mCookie is its second-generation product that incorporates building blocks to make DIY tech more approachable.

Entering variations on a racial epithet used against African Americans into Google Maps will direct some users to the White House. Who is behind this?

Apple has taken on some of the chief criticisms against the newly launched Apple Watch and plans to improve both heath and security features. 

Apple announced an updated 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro with faster flash storage and a Force Touch trackpad. Apple also refreshed its Retina 5K iMacs, introducing a new model and dropping the price on the existing model.

Beauty conglomerate L’Oreal has partnered with biotech company Organovo to facilitate printing human skin for product testing. 

Following rocky beginnings, Apple Maps may improve with Apple's recent purchase of GPS startup company Coherent Navigation.

The US Air Force has developed a hypersonic engine as part of a program to create a class of weapons so fast and accurate that they could reach any target in the world within an hour. 

Apple introduces updated, faster MacBooks and iMacs while lowering the price for iMacs. 

Researchers at Google and the University of Washington mined 86 million publicly available images to create time-lapse videos of famous landmarks. The team's code sorts the images by date, stabilizes them, and normalizes their perspectives and aspect ratios.

A Turkish turtle just received a new 3D printed jaw that will allow it to eat on its own again. What else will 3D printing technology allow veterinarians to do?

According to new reports, Apple may be introducing the world to its latest computer models at its annual developers conference and, uncharacteristically, the rumors appear to be more than just gossip.

Will single-use drones change the way the military uses remote technology?

In what is being seen as an attempt to challenge Amazon and eBay, in the coming weeks Google will begin including 'buy' buttons on some of its mobile search results, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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