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Microsoft announced Monday that it would sell off its advertising division. In return, the company will have Bing search integrated into AOL sites. Is this part of the company's greater "strategic vision"?

For household download speed, the Philippines ranks 176th out of 202 countries worldwide, and 21st out of 22 in Asia.

Billions of computerized systems will have to cope with the leap second scientists are adding to the day on Tuesday, June 30.

Eight years after the first iPhone went on sale, Apple ramps up production on upcoming iPhones with Force Touch features, according to reports.

A new report alleges that Google tampered with search results to highlight its own services and drive out competitors. Is it ethical for Google searches to suppress rivals?

Women make up a small minority of engineers and senior managers in Silicon Valley. But a recent event showed how girls are trying to break that mold.

Just as webcams seemed irrelevant, Nest and Withings found a way to keep them fresh: let Internet-connected cameras communicate with smart phones for security or baby monitoring. 

Facebook is testing new photo editing features in its latest bid to compete with newer, trendier social media networks.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that the pressure got too high in the liquid-oxygen tank of the Falcon 9 rocket's upper stage.

Facebook released its annual diversity report, showing that the company's employees are still overwhelming white or Asian men. 

Google’s Street view just went vertical, letting people climb the world's hardest big-wall free climb from their couch.

Want the newest phone? T-Mobile's Jump OnDemand program lets people lease their phones and turn them in more frequently. 

Amazon just rolled out high dynamic resolution (HDR) video. 

The company is shedding a key requirement to build on Messenger's already impressive user base of 700 million.

Amazon's new home stereo/personal assistant seems poised to duke it out with Apple's Siri.

Parrot reveals 13 new drones, each with various features that specialize in travel by land, air, or the water.

Samsung's 'Safety Trucks' have cameras that show the driver of a car behind the truck what's going on in the lane ahead, to reduce the risk of passing and stopping short.

Google Play: On Wednesday, Google debuts its new streaming service, free in the United States, with app versions available this week.

Scientists at Harvard have developed slim, see-through microchips that mimic the functions of human organs, paving the way for the end of the use of animals in scientific research.

With new cameras, you may soon be able to immerse yourself in video. The impact on virtual reality and extreme-sports footage could be huge.

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