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Halloween is upon us, and it's time to think about costume ideas. If you're looking for the best way to show off your inner techie this Halloween, these costumes are sure to impress.

With Rooms, Facebook looks toward the future of the Internet by borrowing ideas from the past. 

Microsoft announced the Microsoft Band, a fitness tracker with a bevy of sensors for monitoring everything from heart rate to skin temperature, on Thursday.

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler suggested on Wednesday that online streaming services could be classified as equal to cable TV. That would give online streaming services more bargaining power, and could allow more customers to ditch their cable bundles.

After struggling for years, Hewlett Packard has debuted two items it thinks can change industries. On Wednesday, HP unveiled its first 3-D printer and a new computer intended to blend online and offline life.

CurrentC, a mobile payment system, reported that third parties had obtained the e-mails of its pilot members. CurrentC has been in the news recently after CVS and Rite Aid disabled Apple Pay at their stores.

The Federal Trade Commission announced on Tuesday that it's suing AT&T for offering customers unlimited data plans, but throttling their connection speeds once they used a certain amount of data each month. AT&T countered that it throttles for legitimate network management reasons, just like every other wireless carrier.

Apple Pay was released a week ago, and it is catching on quick. But some major retailers, such as Walmart, CVS, and Rite Aid, have chosen to reject Apple Pay in favor of other mobile payment systems.

The hashtag #gamergate gets thrown around a lot on Twitter, YouTube, and press sites. What's at the heart of Gamergate?

The Mars One program has stated it will create the first human colony on Mars by 2025. George Hatcher is a Mars One finalist, and could begin training as early as next year.

Elon Musk says SpaceX has a 50 percent chance of landing a rocket on the next launch. Musk says SpaceX is attempting to land the rocket on a floating ocean platform off the coast of Louisiana. 

A Google Doodle honors the 100th birthday of Jonas Salk, an American scientist best known for his polio vaccine.

On Monday, Amazon introduced the Fire TV Stick, a streaming-media device about the size of a pack of gum. The Fire TV Stick will be available on November 19 for $39, and Amazon Prime subscribers can get it for $19.

Ford CEO Mark Fields says Ford has torn apart and rebuilt a Tesla Model S – and that the company is considering building a similar long-range, high-performance electric car. Ford's current model, the Focus Electric, has better gas mileage but a shorter range than the Tesla Model S.

Microsoft announced higher-than-expected earnings for the last quarter. Cloud computing and the Surface tablet spurred Microsoft's profits.

Facebook launched a new app called Rooms on Thursday. Unlike Facebook itself, Rooms allows users to comment pseudonymously on different topics – just like early Internet bulletin boards.

Apple reached a deal with GT Advanced Technologies to end the production of its sapphire materials for the iPhone. Apple will recover $439 million in payments. 

Ello has announced it received $5 million in funding and has become a public benefit corporation, writing into its charter that it will never sell ads or track user data. But many critics doubt that the trendy new social media site can turn a profit.

The Facebook founder spoke with students in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing Wednesday.

A Pew Research Center study found that a number of web users have experienced harassment. And poll responders say they have seen someone else get harassed online.

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