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Google left China in 2010 after potential loss of intellectual property, hacking attempts, and persistent censorship.

Who says financial planning has to be boring? Fidelity Investments created StockCity, a 3-D experience to make money management more interesting. 

Netflix makes up 35 percent of downstream Internet traffic during peak hours, according to a new report. Between Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and other applications, users are downloading about 20 gigabytes of data each month.

After complaints from parents and authorities, Apple is renaming the "Free" section of the App Store to "Get." Apple is making the move to make it more transparent that free apps with in-app purchases are not always free.

Firefox announced it will dump Google and begin using Yahoo as its default search engine starting in December. But with 67 percent of the search engine market share, should Google care?

Corita Kent, the nun-turned-internationally-renowned-pop-artist, gained popularity for her vibrant serigraphs during the 1960s and 1970s. Kent drew on popular culture to spread her own spiritually inspired messages.

Google has been able to program cars to avoid accidents, but what will the cars do when there is no good decision? That's why Google is teaching them ethics.

Apple is planning to embed the Beats subscription music service into iOS next year, reports the Financial Times. Apple has been skeptical of the streaming music business until now, but Beats might be a boon for iTunes customers.

Since it started in 2006, Twitter has been a place where people cover world events in real time. Millions of users have tweeted hundreds of billions of tweets, but searching through them has been difficult. Twitter has unveiled its new search engine, which indexes every public tweet ever sent.

ConsejoSano mobile app connects documented and undocumented Latinos to healthcare providers who speak Spanish.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service, is adding strong encryption to keep user communication safe from hackers and government surveillance. WhatsApp has already added encryption to its Android app, and plans to include it in an iOS update soon.

This MICA smart watch might not compete on the same level as current wearables, but $495 is just a drop in the bucket for high-fashion devotees.

Nokia has released its N1 tablet, the company's first device since selling part of its company to Microsoft. Nokia's N1 tablet has similar specs to Apple's iPad mini, but has some improved technology. Can the N1 break into the tablet market?

Amazon and Hachette's dispute over e-book pricing reveals how important these digital sales are to the future of the publishing industry.

Toyota's new Mirai is the company's first fuel-cell vehicle. The car has zero emissions except for water. Toyota hopes the Mirai will make hydrogen cars mainstream.

Facebook is working on an enterprise network called Facebook at Work. The new website will be a combination of LinkedIn and Google Drive, but can Facebook compete with the existing sites?

New York City hopes to turn its pay phones with free public Wi-Fi hotspots in 2015. The hotspots will offer 24/7 Internet access, at speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, across the city.

The Fontus is a solar-powered device that turns moisture in the air into water in a bottle, while you ride your bicycle. A solution for thirsty cyclists and possibly developing nations. 

Many deemed Google Glass to be the future of wearable technology. But it's quickly losing popularity. Most developers have abandoned their attempts to develop apps for the devices, and even Google has indicated it has lost interest. Is this the end of Google Glass?

Sierra and Summit, two supercomputers to be built by IBM and Nvidia, will be five to seven times faster than the fastest machines today. The supercomputers will be used by the Department of Energy for civilian and nuclear research.

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