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On the heels of Facebook's reported partnership with news publications, Twitter officially launched Curator, a social media filter designed to help break the news.

The Eiffel Tower has inspired countries across the world to build there own miniature designs, but none compare to the what the British attempted immediately after its erection in the 1900s.

A pair of researchers have calculated more efficient traffic-light patterns that can curb congestion, as well as reduce emissions.

The retail giant’s latest product, a small plastic button that eliminates the need to log on to an app or website, is part of the company's push to draw consumers away from brick-and-mortar stores and onto their site. 

Google's Chromebook laptop and Microsoft's Surface tablet are both great deals right now.

Turn your neighborhood into a Pac-Man game with this early April Fools joke from Google.

Amazon introduced Dash Buttons, small plastic devices that order common household items to be delivered to a customer's door. Amazon is also allowing gadgets such as printers and lamps to automatically order their own refills when they sense there's a need.

The Eiffel Tower opened to the public on March 31, 1889, instantly becoming one of the most recognizable monuments in the world. Test your knowledge of this French icon with this quiz. 

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new way to control cockroaches, outfitting them with tiny microphones and trackers for potential future use in disaster zones.

The Eiffel Tower, celebrating its 126th anniversary, was not always revered as an icon of love and beauty. 

HTC's newest smart phone, the One M9, has a new name but a lot of old features. 

Tim Cook publicly condemned 'religious freedom' laws in Indiana and other states, but the move is likely to surprise few in Silicon Valley.

Code repository GitHub was hit over the weekend with a cyberattack originating from China, according to experts. Traffic flooded two GitHub pages, both devoted to circumventing Chinese censorship.

YouTube is experimenting with 4K videos running at 60 frames per second. Only six videos are available in the new format so far, and you'll need a powerful computer and a fast Internet connection to be able to watch them.

Ford says it will soon be releasing minivans in Europe that obey the speed limit. How long before this technology spreads to other models?

Curious how a Target app will function on the Apple Watch? Apple is giving consumers a little preview with a host of apps released with Apple Watch support on Friday.

The nonprofit WiderNet Project turns to Indiegogo with its eGranary Pocket Library that helps connect people living outside of the Internet's reach.

Google is in talks with Sean Daniel Co. to turn its popular augmented reality video game, Ingress, into a television series, according to a new report.

Facebook F8 showed off the advancements the company has made in its drone program.

Vessel is a company looking to change how short videos make money online by charging $3 a month for access to exclusive content. Will the model work?

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