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Amazon Launchpad gives young companies new tools to pitch products and sell them online.

Microsoft will release its Windows 10 operating system to its users as a free upgrade on Wednesday. The company says this will be the last operating system it releases.

Virgin Galactic crash: The NTSB indicated that Scaled Composites, which partnered with Virgin Galactic to develop the spacecraft, should have had systems in place to overcome the co-pilot's mistake.

Authorities in Sydney have introduced solar-powered traffic signs to provide customized information based on the time of day.

A flaw in the Android operating system could give hackers easy access to 95% of Android devices, according to cyber security firm Zimperium. 

The Evenflo Advanced Embrace with SensorSafe infant car seat is aimed at preventing hot-car deaths. 

A woman attacked by a bison at Yellowstone National Park is the fifth person injured in an encounter with the animals this summer.

One hundred drone pilots strapped on VR goggles and battled for first place at the California State Fair.

The Special Olympics World Games kickoff this weekend, but tracking down your favorite event might be tricky.

Researchers have developed self-healing, self-cleaning, and water-purifying concretes. But what hurdles must be knocked down before they’re ready to hit the road?

Three years later, why are smartwatches still a niche purchase?

On June 28, SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket exploded while trying to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. A month later, the company addressed what happened.

What could hackers do with Internet-connected cars, and how can they be prevented?

The social network has recently been upgrading its video platform so that it can remain competitive with YouTube.

Apple's project Titan has scooped up hundreds of car engineers and autonomous-vehicle experts, according to reports.

A security team tests a Jeep Cherokee, finding the car can be remotely accessed and controlled.

2015 will be a banner year for cyber thieves, warns an expert. Did morality really motivate the Ashley Madison hackers, or just profit?

Opinion: Those on the left don’t believe raising productivity would do any good. Those on the right don’t think it can be done anyway. Both are wrong.

A test flight to deliver medical supplies to a remote region of Virginia by unmanned aerial vehicle was a success. However, some say that consumer delivery drones are still years from reality.

Robots and automated services will save energy, cut labor costs, reduce waste, and lead to a self-sufficient, solar-powered hotel, say owners.

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