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From 'Space Invaders' to 'Grand Theft Auto III,' this year's inductees into the Video Game Hall of fame represent the evolution of gaming.

The new Netflix controls will allow streamers to adjust the quality, and therefore the amount of mobile data used, through its application.

The people behind Siri will unveil a virtual assistant that requires little clicking, calling, or searching.

IBM has launched a new simulator that allows users to tinker with quantum computing through the Cloud. 

A 10-year-old hacker in Finland found and reported a security flaw on Instagram, for which he was handsomely rewarded.

Google says it will purchase about 100 hybrid Pacificas to adapt and test. 

The CEO of Fitbit says his company is taking a different approach to wearable technology than the Apple Watch. And it sells.

The 72-hour ban on the Facebook-owned messaging app comes as lawmakers vote on cybercrime bills that some say could roll back protections in Brazil's Internet bill of rights. 

Teen smartphone addiction: A new poll suggests teen smartphone use is worrying their parents – and themselves. Half of teens asked in a poll said they 'feel addicted' to their smartphones.

Alphabet's purchase of the Toronto-based startup highlights Google's propensity for picking up related groups and its focus on enhancing the product suite from within.

The two pilots onboard hope to inspire people by highlighting the importance of renewable energy and the spirit of innovation.

No captain? The US Navy's newest prototype uses radar, sonar, and global positioning systems to navigate without direction from a human captain. Are autonomous ships the future for seafarers?

Snapchat is helping to fund computer programming classes for low-income women at St. Joseph Center, a service agency in Venice, Calif. 

Australian businessman Craig Wright, who was first identified as the potential founder of Bitcoin last year, goes on the record. But not everyone is satisfied.

The Snapchat media-sharing platform processes around 10 billion video views a day, highlighting its teen-driven success that has made it Facebook's top competitor. 

While specific details have not been released by the car maker, its new electric vehicle will likely be manufactured to rival the Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, and Chevrolet Bolt.

Prankster, inventor and juggler, the American mathematical engineer Claude Shannon had a hand in several innovations spanning across disciplines. Chief among them: a thesis that transformed modern computing.

German shoe company Puma has engineered a new type of robot to help runners.

The tech giant is being investigated on both sides of the Atlantic for requiring manufacturers that want to use its Android operating system pre-install its apps. But not everyone's convinced that actually matters to users.

On Wednesday, the company said it would test a pilot program that makes passengers in some cities pay a fee if drivers wait more than two minutes. The move comes as Uber settled a closely watched suit with drivers.

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