Trends in Japan
Lifestyle, Fashion, Gadgets and Product Innovations in Tokyo and Japan
2 May
mount fuji drone sky magic shamisen performance musicWatch 20 flying machines swarm in formation to traditional Japanese music against the backdrop of the famous mountain.
29 Apr
milbox touch virtual reality vr headset viewer japaneseA new VR viewer comes with unique side-mounted touch panel that allows you navigate menus and play games with your finger.
28 Apr
golf rakuten sora raku drone tests delivery service japanGolfers can place an order via a phone app, which is dispatched to them from the clubhouse via a specially designed drone.
27 Apr
golden week madness train station crowds tokyoWhere to go and what to do during the upcoming holidays?
26 Apr
tera cafe daikanyama tokyo buddhistBuddhism is making a comeback (if it ever truly went away), in unusual places.
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