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27 May
japanese green tea namacha kirin greeting foreign racistThe Japanese drink maker's latest advertising campaign arguably perpetuates stereotypes about non-Japanese.
26 May
elmo harajuku sesame street cafe restaurant tokyo themed japanAnother franchise-themed cafe delights fans and diners in Tokyo.
25 May
tohyo-to tokyo government campaign voter electionNewly enfranchised teenagers are the target of government efforts to raise voter turnout.
24 May
dragon quest video game chalkboard art shinjuku station mural renarena anniversaryContinuing the trend for inventive station billboards, this vast chalkboard mural will then be cleaned by fans after tweets reach a certain level.
23 May
masuzoe yoichi asa made famicom video gameA real blast from the past has unfortunately come back to haunt the beleaguered governor.
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