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25 Jun
NTT announces Prepaid SIM for Visitors, $35 for 2-weeks, with 100MB daily data plan via LTE network, details: http://bit.ly/1qKiinK
23 Jun
New slick design smartwatch by Veldt, running $750 to $1,500, with built-in function to hail a Tokyo Taxi! http://bit.ly/Tze8B2
20 Jun
The SoftBank 34th annual shareholders meeting was held in Tokyo today, see full event video stream in English: http://bit.ly/TzdQu2
19 Jun
Japanese police investigate the hacking of LINE accounts + rumors of S.Korea Intelligence having access to IM: http://bit.ly/ULnVVE
16 Jun
Kairos mechanical Smart watches, with Miyota Japanese Movement, taking pre-orders.. impressive looking demos: http://bit.ly/TlaCd4
14 Jun
MM Research Institute releases new Japanese MVNO market report indicating healthy YoY gains for 2013: http://bit.ly/1sGMQZF
13 Jun
The Global ICT Summit in Tokyo now has video archive online, some in English, from their recent 2-day event: http://bit.ly/1lfojRN
12 Jun
Congrats to local startup sweetheart Giftee on new tie-up with Lawsons convenience stores nationwide! http://bit.ly/1muemEU
11 Jun
On June 16th 2004 DoCoMo held a press conference at the Teikoku Hotel to introduce the world first commercial launch of NFC enabled mobile phones. While the 10th anniversary is coming up next week, we have not seen anything about it (yet), suppose that's why you love us.. as we've always been 'just slightly' ahead of the curve.
11 Jun
App Annie announces Top 52 global publishers, by total revenue, for 2013 with very strong showing by Japan: http://bit.ly/1v8gxyH
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