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20 Sep
We had an great visit at Tokyo Game Show; full props to Sony, Morpheus Rocked - Thanks for bringing it! http://bit.ly/1pz5uuQ
14 Sep
DeNA introduces new Rumor app, anonymous posting platform, have you seen Japanese speed texting..!?! http://bit.ly/1xrCvly
12 Sep
Towards 5G - the by 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo - DoCoMo has just released this 12-page overview whitepaper: http://bit.ly/1vo4DSJ
2 Sep
Sony Computer Entertainment Japan held mega event to unveil their next-gen. PlayStation4 product lineup: http://bit.ly/1mCGIiK
29 Aug
Check-out the interactive 3D map video demo of 'Otaku City' by Zenrin & Unity, targeting game producers: http://bit.ly/1vo4yyp
28 Aug
Right about this time ten years ago (Ya, Ten Years!) email was flying, as it does, related to plans for a large executive tour group set to visit Tokyo. Considering the agenda of meetings expected it was obvious there was No Way we would see everyone. So an evening welcome mixer to 'gather the tribes' was a logical solution and then out of the blue a note from Finland suggesting we host a so-called MobileMonday event. The rest, so they *say, is history.
26 Aug
Aplix Beacon project with Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Ballpark-Navi, c/w request beer delivery to your seat! http://bit.ly/1nhNjzu
21 Aug
The ultra-tough heavy duty Brigadier branded smartphone, produced by Kyocera, now available on Verizon: http://bit.ly/1qFPh7k
21 Aug
LINE announces 1st 90-day results since launch of their Creators Market platform, there's $$ in DIY stickers! http://bit.ly/1t4dfLA
18 Aug
SoftBank introduces AQUOS Crystal smartphone by Sharp, will ship for Both Japan and US, a 1st ever on same spec! http://bit.ly/1omepRb
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