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26 Feb
DoCoMo announces LTE-Advanced network, with 225MB downlink speed, to launch in 22 prefectures by end of March http://bit.ly/17FcGEh
24 Feb
Kyocera will demo their ultra-rugged Torque handset, debut in EU this spring, at MWC in Barcelona: http://bit.ly/18wPnxE
20 Feb
Digital Garage and Kodansha announce JV for global expansion, investment development, of digital content http://bit.ly/1ATq95B
19 Feb
Slick DoCoMo Cityscape video to visualize mobile spatial statistics over Tokyo - Cool Project! http://bit.ly/1N1mVmX
18 Feb
Sony Developer World has new dedicated page for their SmartEyeGlass project - SDK download - details here: http://bit.ly/1LUivuL
17 Feb
Tokyo Game Show 2015 details just released, running Sept. 17-20th, this year is their 25th Anniversary! http://bit.ly/1E4PCgk
14 Feb
Panasonic unveils prototype VR headset at Wonder Japan Solutions event, pix and related details in English: http://bit.ly/1ADQl5q
12 Feb
Full props to Google Japan for "Android Chorus" using 300 devices synched to play Beethoven's 9th Ode to Joy! http://bit.ly/1EVdYGe
10 Feb
SoftBank Rocks Q3 results, and Rolled news with IBM on co-op with Watson and Pepper, English video & materials http://bit.ly/1ATp65K
10 Feb
The next-gen. version of KDDI's INFOBAR design goes on-sale Feb. 20th, full specs and campaign details http://bit.ly/1Bp4ILA
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