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26 Jan
  Who can forget Miss Universe in ninja high heels (3Yen / 2006-07-19)? Miss Japan, Kurara Chibana, won the national costume competition in her ninja bikini back in 2006. → This year’s Miss Japan, Keiko Tsuji, wore striking Ashigaru armor (Wiki) as her “national costume” in the preliminaries of the MISS UNIVERSE competition this Sunday … Continue reading Japan’s Miss Universe 2015
25 Jan
Ever since the three nuclear reactor meltdowns caused by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Fukushima—things are still crazy after all these years… Tokyo Electric to miss March deadline for filtering radioactive water The Japan Times (KYODO) Jan. 24, 2015         Continues… ______________________________________ Story idea via Shogannai (@Shogannai)January 25, 2015 Previous fcuked Fukushima fun on the 3Yen … Continue reading STILL CRAZY radioactive AFTER ALL THESE YEARS
22 Jan
The dying bosozoku subculture still managed to organize a noisy run to greet the first sunrise of 2015 on New Years Day. The video below shows the so-called “violent running tribes*” of custom car and motorcycle gangs on Highway 20 coming out of Yokohama. * bosozoku (暴走族), literally the “running-out-of-control (as of a vehicle) tribe” … Continue reading Japan’s noise tribe — the ‘Bosozoku’
21 Jan
Yikes! A robo-centuria—100-robot tactical unit—is coming for us! Robot dance troupe does ‘the robot’ in Tokyo The Guardian | 2015/jan/20 Also check out the previous 3Yen report about Tomotaka Takahashi’s obviously evil, robo-child soldiers at: (3Yen.com / 2005-11-04) Humanoid Robot Wars   ______________________________________ ______________________________________
20 Jan
Den4, the 3Yen correspondent-at-large reports… Just when they didn’t want to have perverts photographing up skirts in Japan, they come out with this. New light-emitting, color-changing “hikaru skirt” illuminates your legs for the world to see rocketnews24.com 2015/Jan/19 …Hikaru skirt (hikaru means “shining”) is … a skirt with LEDs attached … the light created a … Continue reading Get the upskirt skirt . . . only in Japan
19 Jan
Know what goes into those simple karinto snacks? @star_lobster had a look at the back of the packet. pic.twitter.com/EXpRAQ5x9g — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) January 18, 2015 Q: What goes into those karinto* snacks? A: POODLE POOP, deep fried. Slogan: Once you get past the smell, you have it licked™.   *Karinto is a traditional, sweet and … Continue reading I love to eat Japanese crap
18 Jan
Japan Railways (JR) Kyushu operating in the most southwesterly of Japan’s four main islands is suffering from depopulation and stagnation, which has resulted in drastic economic measures such as… JR Kyushu to make stations stafflessThe Tokyo Reporter | January 18, 2015 — JR Kyushu will by 2016 operate its 100 biggest stations without any staff. … Continue reading Japan Railways Kyushu to make stations staffless
18 Jan
  … Wooden masks hang on the wall. Most resemble those used in noh plays but one is most certainly batman…‘Avatar’ series of wooden masks by Kenichi Asano. — Spoon & Tamago | 2015/01/15: Five Sculptors: an exhibition surveying contemporary Japanese sculpture ___________________ Learn more about the exhibit at:    • spoon-tamago.com    • hpgrpgallery.com    • Kenichi … Continue reading Oh no, not Noh.
17 Jan
Check out the one hundred sizzling Japanese maids in action… The cast of maids is from the Maidreamin chain headquartered in Akihabara that claims to be the “No.1″ maid café having about 500 maids in 18 cafés around the world. The choreography is provided be the “new generation” girl’s dance unit, Chu-z. The helium-infused singing … Continue reading One hundred sizzling Japanese maids in action: ‘Good job.’
17 Jan
Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama has always been very entertaining…especially his wife, Miyuki, who has written in her book how she has been on, a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus. (3Yen 2009-09-03). _______________________ Japan’s ex-PM debuts as a drag queen…           could Gordon Brown be next? PinkNews | 16th January 2015
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