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27 Jul
Last week was Eel Eating Day, Doyo-no-ushinohi, when folks here celebrate with the custom of eating grilled eel to gain stamina to beat the horrid heat of Japan. Only problem is the Japanese have eaten most of their endangered eels and now have resorted to substitutes… pottiiino.tumblr.com (Google Translate) Eel bread of Dog Days … … Continue reading Eel bread for the Dog Days
26 Jul
All the rage in Japan, ri-i-i-ght. What good is writing satirical news about Japan when reality is weirder? Moss-watching catching on among young women Kyodo News July 26, 2015 —NAGANO, Japan…  
25 Jul
It’s official, meh. Or, as one Olympics journalist quipped… the Tokyo 2020 logo, ″ looks like something you’d see at the top of a stereo manual from the 1980s″—The Infinite Curve.   Organizers reveal emblem for 2020 Tokyo Olympics The Japan Times | July 25, 2015More… Previous reports the craptacular 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the 3Yen … Continue reading Logo for 2020 Tokyo Olympics, meh
24 Jul
Chanbara*, Japanese kids playing with sticks like make-believe swords was “culturally appropriated” and funked for this music video of samurai fighting in the garage. Featuring Flying Lotus & Kamasi Washington | Brainfeeder 2015 | Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada | Produced by Zach Wechter   *Learn more about Chanbara swordplay at: Sports chanbara (internationalsportschanbara.net) The … Continue reading Funk the ‘Chanbara’
23 Jul
Loose translation: Vending machine for rubber gloves—two for 600 yen ($4.85 USD). Who would be the target customer? Gloveless people passing this building lot? Who is gonna buy them? Usually, the need for rubber gloves is more specific. (^_-) ゴム手袋の自動販売機。600円で2つ入っている。買う人いるのかな?工事現場においてあれば買う人いるかもしれないけど、普段ゴム手袋が緊急で必要になる事ってないもんなぁ。 #自動販売機 #ゴム手袋 pic.twitter.com/txnjwuBA0t— ミートソース山田 ミネラルウォーター (@yamada_tokyo) July 9, 2015
23 Jul
The Swedish Chef was showing off his Swedish meatball sushi on the preview/pilot of the all new Muppet Show. Previous appearances of Swedish sushi on the 3Yen include: Swedish Chef — Japanese Cake (3Yen / 2006-09-11) Sushi and wieners crashtest (3Yen / 2007-01-20)  
22 Jul
Putting the “flash” in Flash Mob… The Japan Swimsuit Association want to make sure we all flashed in this Tokyo event. View image | gettyimages.com  
20 Jul
Le divin burger Le divin burger. Gasparccio de saumon. Sainte Marinade de Nazaneth. Pointe de crèche fraîche. Roimage rappé. Huile d’olive extra vierge. Vinaigre Balthazarmique. Josephte de citron. Feuilles de Jesus-crine. Sirop d’étable. Christaux de sel. Prenez, mangez, ceci est mon burger. —Via the art tumblr: fatandfuriousburger.com
20 Jul
Today is Marine Day aka Umi no Hi — a public holiday celebrated on the third Monday in July in Japan. As an island nation famous for eating the ocean’s bounty, the purpose of the holiday is to consider the importance of the ocean to Japan. Many people take advantage of the holiday and summer … Continue reading Happy Marine Day in Japan!
17 Jul
The ridiculously fraudulent $2 billion stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (3Yen 2015-07-12) has been slain, w0oT! Olympic stadium building plan back to drawing board: Abe TOKYO, 2015 July 17, 4pm | Kyodo Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Friday he has decided to bring the current building plan for the Olympic stadium back to the … Continue reading The Tokyo’s 2020 Monster has been slain!
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