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25 May
Everyday I get fun engrish advertisements, but this one from an Indian restaurant and entertainment chain takes the prize. ″ Club eventscam enjoy immediate f∅reigner from Roppongi Station! Grobal minx…″ Fair Use — Parody The names were slightly changed in the above ad to protect the innocent and have it fall under parody laws… … but … Continue reading ‘enjoy immediate f∅reigner’
24 May
The government’s Cool Japan* program has taken a new odd twist with the land of of the Kyoto Protocol† is now making a big push to become Coal Japan. …Coal is the new cool, because it’s a little known fact that unlike its G7 partners, Japan is in the process of building 49 new coal-fired … Continue reading Cool Coal Japan?
21 May
Japan has become infamous for rejecting refugees. The new plan is accept "30 Syrian students" per yer, which added to last year’s acceptance rate of 27 refugees equals a GRAND total of 57 refugees per year—A massive double the number of refuges! Japan to take in 150 Syrians as exchange students after criticism of harsh … Continue reading Japan to double the refugees it accepts!
20 May
In yet another political reorganization, Japan’s “New Democratic Party”—formerly known as the Democratic Party Japan (DPJ)—has a new logo celebrating the grand Japanese tradition of kancho.That is, Kancho (カンチョー) is a Japanese prank performed by clasping the hands together in the shape of an imaginary gun and attempting to poke an unsuspecting person in the … Continue reading Japan’s New Democratic kancho Party
16 May
As part of the Yakuza gangster’s outreach program, here is a rear view of the Yakuza Wives Club® at last Saturday’s Sanja Matsuri/festival (3Yen 2016-05-14).  Embiggen to full-size photo, 1280×854 pixels. japanstreetlens: Yakuza wives show their traditional tattoo during the Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa…. https://t.co/k5Tf8oCKpF — Mitsuru Nagata (@nagatayakyoto) May 15, 2016    
14 May
Today is Tokyo’s biggest-&-wildest festival, the Sanja Matsuri. ″Asakusa″ — Tokyo Reporter (@tokyoreporter) May 14, 2016 pic.twitter.com/IYU50IPbKE     The Sanja Matsuri (三社祭, literally “Three Shrine Festival”) had heavily tattooed yakuza gangsters out in full force carrying the portable shrines through the endless crowds. Held in the Asakusa temple district, an area 1000 meters by … Continue reading Tokyo’s biggest‑&‑wildest…
14 May
Three years ago, in Anti‑surveillance chic from Japan (2013-01-29) → we covered these ″ Invisibility Glasses″ of Professor Isao Echizen at Tokyo’s National Institute of Informatics. Well, the professor is back with better haircut and mega-funding from Nissey Corp. Privacy Visor thwarts facial-recognition tech | The Japan Times https://t.co/p20nGoJrLd — Jake Adelstein/中本哲史 (@jakeadelstein) May 13, 2016 … Continue reading Privacy is back
9 May
US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy (Wiki), learns the realities of her true mission here… Caroline Kennedy presented with a whip at this year's Tokyo Rainbow Pride. — May 8, 2016   Our previous ambassadorial reports include: Doraemon, Japan’s “Anime Ambassador” to the world in chains! (3Yen / 2015-07-03) Dance, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, dance! (3Yen / … Continue reading US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy,
8 May
Like an SF B-movie…The Japanese are putting portable muon detectors below the base of the pyramids to measure “muon flux” to map unknown tunnels and chambers. ScanPyramids Mission from HIP Institute on Vimeo. Muons Detectors plates installed at Bent Pyramid and under sensitivity calibration in Khufu’s Pyramid Press Release — 17 December 2015 by Cairo … Continue reading Japan scans the world’s biggest pile of rocks
7 May
Many times I think entertainment venues in Tokyo are just trolling us with click bait… The VibeBar–Wild One (dildo bar) click to view. Learn more at the official website that is is sort-of-bilingual at: vibebar.jp __________ Previous “upstanding” reports with “good vibes” include:: Parade of painted dildos — in Japan of course (3Yen / 2014-08-24) … Continue reading VibeBar, the Wild One
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