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25 Dec
Today is December 25 and it’s just a regular workday in Japan. I spent the entire morning at a government office in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district Waiting-for-Godot and wistfully staring out the window at a Big Boy Restaurant for my Christmas lunch. All I could dream of was to bite into a big, Big Boy Burger, … Continue reading Burgerless Christmas
24 Dec
Santas’ rush hour has started already in Tokyo commuter trains (thanks to the International Dateline making Japan one day ahead of the “Real World”)… 待ってどういうこと pic.twitter.com/BMxsJuuI5B — 彩香 (@inter_room) December 23, 2014
24 Dec
Japanese, right-wing, neo-nazi soundtrucks are driving by blasting at 120 decibels Seasons Greetings of warmth and joy wishing all foreigners to enjoy the Holidays at home (leave Japan). 朝食の時間でもないけど。@jakeadelstein pic.twitter.com/MWVQCzF972 — Andrea Francini (@il_francio) December 23, 2014 _____________ Previous reports of Japanese sound truck on the 3Yen include: Right-wing Japanese crazies just wanted a hummer… … Continue reading Japanese Seasons Greetings at 120 decibels!
23 Dec
The annual Santa Penguin Torture at the Matsue Vogel Park in Shimane Prefecture.
23 Dec
Today is Japanese pre-Christmas. December 23 is Japanese national holiday of the birthday of the current Emperor called Tenno Tanjobi {} (Wiki). Banzai Banzai! pic.twitter.com/ZVPSAF4R7t — Subcommander Santa (@shilkytouch) December 22, 2014 Emperor Akihito prepares to greet the flag-waving crowd at the Imperial Palace on his birthday. (Wiki). ↓ “Japanemperorbirthday” by Philbert Ono – Originally … Continue reading Today is Japanese pre-Christmas
23 Dec
Eat the penguin mascot of the Suica Card (see left) of Japanese subways and rails—A black Christmas Cake from the darkest Sump of Hades. For more about the Suica Card, check out the previous 3Yen report: Suica: the bank card that functions as train ticket and credit-ATM card (3Yen / 2005-03-29) See the multitude of … Continue reading Black Japanese Christmas Cake from the darkest Sump of…
22 Dec
In Japan, ‘Flosty’ the Snowman waved goodbye, sayin’ Don’t cry, I’ll be back again some day. (PS: It’s good to have the 3Yen.com back online after a week of database and hosting troubles.)
22 Dec
In Japan, Santa tries to… …EAT children. Photo by hikosaemon. The-rest-of-the-story… The above Japanese “Santa” is actually a Namahage–New Years’ ogre on display at Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Central Exit during the end of December as a tourism promotion for Akita Prefecture. In New Year’s rituals, a few of the men of traditional Akita villages dress … Continue reading In Japan, Santa tries to…
22 Dec
I see your gingerbread house, and I raise you a [gaijin-made] Gundam!   —(@jamieism) pic.twitter.com/LUPEnRGcNY Via Jamie Lynn Lano (@jamieism)’s twitter December 21, 2013
15 Dec
…#15. Parasite Claus Cracked.com / 2013oct17
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