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29 Mar
Nothing says Party better than boneless yellow alien mascot on a poster like this.   KFC Japan’s boneless chicken mascot >James Simpson ‏@jamesinjapan >March 27, 2015 Mo’ boneless fun! (via KFC Japan)
27 Mar
The national bird of Japan is the mutant three-legged crow (3Yen 2009-07-27). Therefore, the crow fashion below is “traditional.” Crow Cape Yatagarasu Jimmu, Japan’s legendary first emperor…encountered a three-legged crow named Yatagarasu…believed to be a messenger of the gods, or an incarnation of the sun —via Japan National Tourism Organization: Three-Legged Crows  
26 Mar
Better than the “SEMEN SHIP” TV commercial (3Yen 2005-12-22) ↓ for Japan Navy recruitment. More fun than the Japanese Coast Guard’s seagoing dance routines. ↓ Presenting the 6th annual The Tokyo Boys Collection—a fabulous fashion show and entertainment extravaganza of the Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF). ↓ Click to play video. More catwalk details at: RocketNews24 … Continue reading Japan’s military attacks the catwalk!
25 Mar
Japetella prismatica from the Report on the Cephalapoda of the H.M.S. Challenger, one of the earliest worldwide oceanographic expeditions From the Report on the Cephalapoda H.M.S. Challenger during the Years 1873-76 (online complete collection) I was all jazzed that this Japetella prismatica was Japanese octopus. Sadly on page 108 of the Report, I learned it … Continue reading Japetella but not Japanese
23 Mar
Sir, we don't have room for the final 'n' on our booth sign.                Nobody will notice. Put it up. pic.twitter.com/8aqg9xeeqK >— via Peter Durfee (@Durf) March 23, 2015
22 Mar
The black bag on the far left of the photo reads: Any small part of a curve is almost a straight line.   Un élément très petit d'une courbe est presque une ligne droite. #francais du Japon pic.twitter.com/HNUiyuXGJJ — Anthony Davis (@ozAntinnippon) March 21, 2015   Previous moments of Zen the 3Yen include:    • Yakisoba Zen … Continue reading Tokyo train zen wisdom
21 Mar
Always at the forefront of innovation, the beat-off brainiacs at Tenga are now offering the: New Tenga “Vacuum Controller” fleshlight features converter for international sizes. New Tenga "Vacuum Controller" fleshlight features converter for international sizes. https://t.co/8ZKanYb7eo pic.twitter.com/e9oQt9urpo— Ceiling Gallery (@tokyoscum) March 20, 2015 Previous reports of Japan’s high-tech Tenga on the 3Yen include:    • Tenga … Continue reading Japan, always at the forefront of innovation…
20 Mar
Japan’s newest Bullet Train at the “Banpaku Testudou” doesn’t need expensive tracks, hyper-expensive maglev guideway, or even a right-of-way!   They might not be the fastest, but Banpaku Testudou's bullet trains are definitely the cutest http://t.co/S06dAZcbAG pic.twitter.com/du8EIJEDr5 — The Japan Times (@japantimes) March 20, 2015
20 Mar
Japan’s new Segway-like electric tricycle, the “Ily-A,” has been unveiled this week. According to technologicvehicles.com the Ily-A can take several forms: a three-wheel seated scooter, a stand-up transporter, or a carrying basket for shopping in its minimized-mode. Previous reports on the 3Yen of Japan reinventing the Segway include:    • Japan invents the Segway! (again) (3Yen … Continue reading Japan invents the Segway yet again
19 Mar
The Japanese Internet is all a titter about the secret of Tokyo Disneyland’s Alice… ワンダーランドのこのアリス、いまだに男性にしか見えないのは私だけ??? 腕とか見ても男じゃないの??ねぇ??? pic.twitter.com/juH24TiJL7 — ♡あきちゃ♡ (@akichan_du) March 17, 2015 This Alice in Wonderland–I just still see only man? See the arms…Is it not a man? Hey???
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