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9 Oct
  Prezo de Jizo-traffic cone estas ¥6,500. Mi volis vendi ilin la mondo. pic.twitter.com/x0Mz3XwSAC — 長谷川 維雄 (@hasegawa_fusao) July 24, 2015   Originally, these Buddha cones (actually Jizo cones) were an art project of Mr. Hasegawa that became a minor commercial success because they have an actual purpose. The-rest-of-the-story… Japan has many temples and often these … Continue reading In Japan, Budhha is a conehead
7 Oct
Japanese pumpkins are green and goofy…   wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabocha –Japanese pumpkin Calling someone in Japanese a “kabucha” is an old-fashioned slang word for someone ‘stupid’ or ‘empty headed’ (similar to having a head that’s like the hollow inside of a pumpkin). The above photo of the green pumpkin-head girls in kimono is most likely a playbill … Continue reading Green as a Halloween pumpkin (in Japan)
6 Oct
After long debate, the city of Tokyo declined the naming rights offer for the ″ Tokyo Gas & Petrochemical Fish Market*.″ After long debate, new Tsukiji fish market to be called Tsukiji Fish Market (築地魚河岸) http://t.co/9ufW91CMVU — (@Mulboyne) Oct. 6, 2015     *The-rest-of-the-story is that the new Tsukiji fish market is being built on top … Continue reading Naming rights offer for ‘Tokyo Gas Toxic Waste Site & Fish Market’ declined
4 Oct
″ HAPPY″ in Fujisawa just south of Yokohama…   #藤沢 http://t.co/HeqH1SHHn8 pic.twitter.com/kA0lRIfzzE — Chris Carlier (@Pubgoblin) October 3, 2015   Previous spurious reports″ HAPPY″ in Japan on the 3Yen include: Happy Helmets for sadsack salarymen (3Yen / 2015-06-20) Let’s all fundoshi/loincloth happy! (2014-03-14) Happy times in the park, Japanese style (2012-12-10) I don’t think you’re happy enough! … Continue reading HAPPY
2 Oct
Automatic driving “robot taxi” is coming to a town near you in Japan. 国家戦略特区で自動運転の実験小泉進次郎氏「できるとこからガンガンやる」—Yuri Kageyama on Twitter Oct. 2, 2015     MONOist / 2015-Oct-2 (ç) …Automatic-driving technologies for “taxi robots” are coming to a town near you in Japan. The government has decided on national strategic zones for self-driving taxis…The first zone will in … Continue reading ‘Robo-taxis’ are coming to a Japanese beach town
2 Oct
Yakuza boss arrested for receiving illegal funds http://t.co/PcLjZoPyIT pic.twitter.com/LJ3pvpRld1 — Tokyo Reporter (@tokyoreporter) October 1, 2015 When I saw the above photo of the yakuza gangster on the Tokyo Reporter , I could think of only one thing:   ← MUKKU, the best friend of Gachapin in a popular Japanese children’s program “Hirake! Ponkiki” (3Yen … Continue reading YAKUZA x MUKKU!?
2 Oct
View image | gettyimages.com Yesterday was Magnet Day in Japan. October 1st = 10/1 = 十/一, which is like the “plus” and “minus” signs found on batteries. That is, the Japanese kanji for the number 10 is “十” (ju) and the number 1 is “一 ” (ichi).   More on Japanese numbers at: omniglot.com/language/numbers/japanese
1 Oct
Halloween is the time to mug old people for hiding their trick-or-treat candy. —October’s manners poster on the Tokyo Metro   The-rest-of-story is that while Halloween has become increasingly popular in Japan (is a perfect excuse for Japanese cosplay), trick-or-treating is extremely rare. No telling what horrors happened to that old man in the poster … Continue reading Halloween candy is problematic in Japan
30 Sep
    Kumamon manages to disturb the unveiling of the new plane of the Amakusa Airlines today — Mon ☆ 今日は天草エアラインの新しい飛行機のお披露目におじゃましたモン☆ — くまモン【公式】 (@55_kumamon) September 29, 2015       The rest-of-the-story about the Santa suits and the Christmas colors of red and green, is that Amakusa Airlines—Japan’s smallest airline*—has outfitted their planes with plush … Continue reading Kristmas Kumamon
29 Sep
It’s the little details that make living in Japan so entertaining. In this case “Sands” is an abbreviation of the possessive “Sandwich’s” rather than “Sandwiches,” the plural of all the fun “Fungus Rice” between slices of bread they’re selling. What. The. Fuck. pic.twitter.com/jk8gHuIllL — Aaron Madlon-Kay (@amadlonkay) September 29, 2015 I’m sure that John Montagu, … Continue reading ‘Fungus Rice Sands’ (only in Japan)
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