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2 May
Here’s the new manners poster for the month of May that I spotted today on the Tokyo METRO.   Previous “mannered” reports on the 3Yen include: Tokyo Manners Police strike again! (3Yen / 2015-11-03) Mannerly manners TRAINed (3Yen / 2015-11-03) Train manners: Tokyo vs Paris (3Yen / 2014-11-02)    
1 May
Embed from Getty Images Japanese sex doll maker, Orient Industry, is now showing their life-size love dolls in the “Artificial OTOME (girl) Museum” at the Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. Orient Industry says that these GYNOID love dolls are for: ″ not only the collectors who love to live with them, but also others including widowers.″ gettyimages.com … Continue reading Steam punk gynecology for GYNOIDs
30 Apr
College students, let’s incontinence experience! —Nursing & medical care “Super-VR Attraction” at the “Nico Nico Super Conference 2016″— KAI-YOU.net | 2016.04.29 (Google Translate) … We asked Nyan Shibata, currently in her fourth year of university, to have a VR (virtual realty) incontinence experience… At the moment air is fed in, it reproduces the state of … Continue reading VR pee-pee pants simulator, from Japan of course
29 Apr
In the 1960s, Japan’s “Camera Magazine” published photos these ophthalmologist eyes signboards…
25 Apr
  After fiasco of the pervious plagiarized logo (L) for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (3Yen 2015-09-02). the winner of the new, new logo contest is the Olympic Lobster Bib! tokyo2020.jp/en/games/emblem … This chequered design in the traditional Japanese colour of indigo blue expresses a refined elegance and sophistication that exemplifies Japan. Composed of three varieties … Continue reading The new, new Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo
25 Apr
“SovietSupreme,” a frequent contributor to news.3Yen.com writes: Greetings Comrades! We all should be gladdened by Japan’s striving to achieve the ultimate goal of the communist society—the common ownership of the means of production. The Tokyo Whale Is Quietly Buying Up Huge Stakes in Japan Inc bourgeois-Bloomberg | April 24, 2016 …They may not realize it … Continue reading Japan is the best Communist nation
23 Apr
It has been a week since the Kumamoto Earthquakes (3Yen 2015-Apr-16) and several thousand people are now living in school gyms and town halls with no place to go. So… LET’S BOX MAN*! *”Box Man” (箱男 – Hako otoko) by Kobo Abe amazon.com/Box-Man-Novel-Kobo-Abe Abe’s classic novel describes a salaryman who walks away from his stultifying … Continue reading LET’S BOX MAN!
22 Apr
“Derpus Maximus,” a frequent contributor to the 3Yen wrote in to ask: Q: Who is this "Prince" and why give a puce puck about "プリンス" when most that comes up in google japan are crappy cats?   A: "プリンス" (Prince-san) is a favorite character in the Nekatosume moblie game app in Japan and the The … Continue reading Reaction to Prince’s death in Japan
20 Apr
Starting Friday, the Japanese apparel company, “Peach John,” will be offering a hinky line of Pikachu lingerie via their YUMMY MART brand…   Peruse our previous puerile Pikachu and Pokémon pulchritude posts: …(all SafeForWork) Pika-boobs (3Yen / 2014-12-30) fisting pikachu (3Yen / 2013-07-21) Pokémon Pikachu pucker (3Yen / 2011-01-17) Pikachu’s privates (3Yen / 2008-09-09) Bride … Continue reading Hinky-chu’s lingerie
17 Apr
It’s still shaking here—more than 400 aftershocks since the initial quake–In fact the official name for it is the "Kumamoto Earthquakes" (Wiki). To add to the "fun" are the a zillions scammers sending out fake spam appeals for money for the Kumamoto relief efforts, grrr. Kumamon ↑ the official mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture     … Continue reading The vultures gather over the Japan quake(s)
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