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30 Jun
I can remember when this “West” was opening in 1995—so new and exciting. Now the excitement of the West has waned—sort of like me. How the West Was Lost: A visit to a cowboy-themed attraction that went the way of the buffalo http://t.co/aYaj6rnFNQ pic.twitter.com/NQi9UURym7 — Ceiling Gallery (@tokyoscum) June 30, 2015  
29 Jun
The bride wore white and the groom wore out his batteries: First robot wedding in Japan takes place and even ends with a kiss   • Frois and Yukirin wore traditional outfits for the event in Tokyo on Saturday   • Ceremony was organised by Maywa Denki*, who designed the groom Frois Daily Mail Online | 28 … Continue reading First robo-wedding in Japan, of course
28 Jun
Here in Tokyo we are in the throes of the fifth season of Japan’s venerated Four Seasons*: the Rainy Season. And with the rainy season comes a billion brollies bringing on bashes ‘n’ clashes like the following report. Man in coma after being hit in eye by umbrella in fight with colleague JAPAN TODAY | 2015-June-28 Samurai … Continue reading Bolly violence in Japan
23 Jun
Health Ministry thinks presenting new centenarians with a silver cup is becoming too heavy a financial burden. http://t.co/HNVnEAR5g6 — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) June 23, 2015 The Asahi.com (2015-June-23, in Japanese) is reporting that the: 100-year-old Silver Cup is a tax waste. Outside business experts have recommended they stop giving away silver cups to Japanese celebrating their … Continue reading Japan’s government to fill centenarians’ silver cups with hemlock
23 Jun
Way up north in Aomori Prefecture, an eerie loose-character* mascot, “Ikadon,” appears in Hachinohe Morning Market held on the docks in front of the Hachinohe Museum. They say (Google Translate), ″ Ikadon is friendly to children,″ but you be the judge whether this soiled squid is really ok. Previous reports of squid loose-characters//Yuru-Chara on the … Continue reading ‘Ikadon’ is friendly to children
20 Jun
I stumbled across these happy helmets, dubbed the Mask of Soul, that the Japanese designer Tomomi Sayuda created to help relieve stress of office workers. _______________________ Prior Art† of these Happy Helmets for squirrelly sadsack salarymen covered on the 3Yen includes: Happy Hats™ (3Yen / 2011-01-16) → Mr. Happiness (3Yen / 2010-01-22) Brain with a … Continue reading Happy Helmets for sadsack salarymen
20 Jun
The Sex Lube Olympics is cumming up Saturday, July 18 and Sunday July 19, 2015 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, and tickets for participating are still for sale. Be sure to wear protection…helmets. Lotion Athletic Competition Time Out Tokyo | June 2015 … daring athletes gather at Shin-Kiba’s 1st Ring, a renowned pro wrestling venue, and … Continue reading Sex Lube Olympics cumming up in Tokyo
18 Jun
Sometimes you gotta think that Burger King Japan is just trolling us. First it was Black Burgers (3Yen 2012-09-20), and now it’s soviet-styled burgers in modernist red and black. Burger King unveils red-colored burgers http://t.co/eboH8dCP5u pic.twitter.com/zMqoG7lQcS — The Japan Times (@japantimes) June 18, 2015 Previous a few of the many 3Yen reports of the ongoing … Continue reading What’s next, Green Burgers?
15 Jun
The Sankei News (Google Translate) is reporting that Japan Railways (JR) Kyushu cheerleaders, the “Sakura/Swallow Corps” (mascot below), at the YOSAKOI Soran Festival in Sapporo this week. The Sakuratsubame (Sakura/Swallow) Corps is composed of JR Kyushu shinkansen (Bullet Train) station attendants, conductors, motormen, and train staff. The Corps won a “U-40″ grand prize at the … Continue reading Kyushu’s choo-choo cheer
15 Jun
  The 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, “Den4,” reports of the Next Goji-chan movie… Fighting the Gigantic Girls http://piece.tokyo/ The story in Japanese at huffingtonpost.jp/2015/06/14/tokyo-gigantic-girls… “Prior Art” can be found at the the 3Yen’s previous reports: Japan’s genial Green Giant (3Yen / 2014-06-01/) Mutant giant J-kids on the loose! (3Yen / 2013-07-17) Giant women of the world (3Yen … Continue reading The next Godzilla movie
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