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26 Nov
While the big companies got to show off their new products and inventions at CEATEC 2013, the 3rd and 4th of October were reserved for Japan’s innovative D.I.Y and maker enthusiasts. The Maker movement itself originated and gained traction in the U.S., and 2006 saw the creation of a now annual event that describes itself [...]
12 Nov
After its successful entry into¬†the Japanese eye wear market a couple of years ago, we were expecting the frenzy around J!NS PC glasses to run its course and die out as these kinds of hypes often do in Japan…But not only have JIN company stocks¬†multiplied by six since the launch of the product, the company [...]
6 Nov
A couple of months ago, we blogged about a really interesting exhibition called “Materializing”, that showcased art made with the help of various innovative devices such as laser cutter and 3D printers. Many of the devices used to produce the artwork for “Materializing” are machines that you might expect in labs or factories. But fellow [...]
31 Oct
While ShiftEast posts usually cover the myriad of innovations, people, events and concepts that make up the Asia region’s dynamic creative and technological scene, we don’t often blog about some of the interesting events that happen on our doorstep, perhaps because they are held so close by. Our office is based at the Tokyo location [...]
31 Oct
Unlike some of the bigger trade shows or expos which tend to exhibit relatively completed products, the Digital Content Expo puts the spotlight on prototype systems and technology that are still squarely in the R&D stage. Describing its function as being a ‘bridge for digital innovation’, the focus of this event is on exhibiting the [...]
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