Real Insight on Japanese Retail & Consumer Markets
8 May
FOCUS Expenditure 2011-2015: Trouble ahead as consumption falls on the back of wage stagnation Retailers made hay in the last couple of years, especially those at the premium end of the sector, as did those overseas brands and retailers who met demand for treats even from households on tighter budgets. Unfortunately, the party seems to […]
20 Apr
FOCUS: The future of online retailing has arrived, but implementation remains patchy Japan is perceived as being behind other markets like China and the US in terms of e-commerce penetration. Statistically this is true, and implementation of online services and online to offline marketing strategies vary greatly by company and sector. 2016 is a watershed […]
17 Mar
FOCUS The future of food retailing: small stores The future of food retailing is small formats. This simple conclusion to the current shake up in food distribution now seems increasingly obvious – and in some ways it is surprising that the trend did not emerge sooner. In the four largest urban areas centred around Tokyo, […]
17 Mar
FOCUS Taking over retail: how retailing market share is concentrating into fewer and fewer hands Japanese retailing was traditionally a fragmented, complex jigsaw, with multiple competing formats and multitudinous players within. Today, retailing still looks complex and highly competitive, but in the past five years, there has been a dramatic increase in market share concentration, […]
6 Jan
FOCUS: 2015 proving a good year for retailers – unless you’re a GMS chain Consumers face growing pressure from stagnant wages and increasing prices for basics, a situation that is likely to worsen with further weakening of the Yen. Last Autumn, worries about consumer spending led several major retailers to publicly express concern that things […]
7 Dec
FOCUS: Convenience Stores to dominate retail industry? The rise and rise of convenience store retailing is one of the most significant stories in Japanese business over the past 30 years. While few would fail to admire the skill with which the leading chains have grown, and their efficiency and profitability as retailers, for the majority […]
3 Nov
The top 100 shopping centres continue to grow. After a great year in FY2013, with sales rising an average of 4.2%, the leading SCs overcame the downturn in spending in 1H2014 to finish with another 3.9% jump in FY2014. The top selling SCs fared much better than the sector as a whole, which was flat […]
3 Nov
Familymart-Uny deal finally inked in October In mid-October, a month later than expected, Familymart and Uny announced they’d reached agreement to merge in 2016. The deal will be formally inked at the two companies’ AGMs next Spring with the merger initiated in September through a share swap agreement. For Uny, the deal offers business security […]
3 Nov
Nikkei’s annual ‘Net Life’ survey for 2015 shows a downturn in spending online due to the overall expenditure cut backs over the past year. As Amazon has added new brands and sub-stores, more shoppers are moving away from domestic rival Rakuten, although Rakuten still comes out as number one in apparel and food sales online. […]
3 Nov
Epsilon’s latest study on brand loyalty in Japan reconfirms a high level of loyalty to certain brands in some sectors. Loyalty programmes are popular, with consumers more likely to be members of multiple schemes rather than none at all, but shoppers look for value in their loyalty points, with programmes such as T-Points or Ponta […]
3 Nov
Seven & I is determined to make its GMS and department store businesses more profitable. It has already invested in upgrading key department stores, while converting others to hybrid SC operations, and last month announced the closure of 20% of Ito-Yokado stores. Key to future profit will be the rapidly expanding range of brands sold […]
3 Nov
Lumine just signed a franchise deal with an overseas pizza chain. Nothing particularly unusual about that, but what is radical is that it is a direct franchise, and Lumine has plans for more, not only in dining but also in apparel, accessories and home fashion. It is even looking at Lumine-managed select shops. JR East’s […]
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