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1 May
Get ready to see something awesome! You can view the live camera at Shibuya scramble crossing in Tokyo Japan on YouTube! Here’s the link. https://youtu.be/6q36pnzcw70 And here’s the live cam below!
3 Apr
Seeking some adventure? Get paid to travel the world! The team from Hostelling International USA has launched the Explore the World Travel Scholarship! Click here to find out more! The deadline for this scholarship is May 15, 2016.
3 Mar
This is an article about Transportation in Japan that I’m putting under the “Saving Money” category. Hopefully you’ll find this useful if you visit Japan or live in Japan. Trains in Tokyo are unbelievably convenient and reliable and a great alternative to Taxis. They are rarely off schedule and have stations in every major location throughout the city. Here are a list of websites where you can buy affordable tickets. Tokyo Metro Passes – visit the site here JR East Rail Passes – visit the site here If you would like a quick train pass that works on all trains
26 Feb
The term “Martial Arts” is used frequently to refer to any number of combat systems which originate primarily in Asia, but may also come from Europe or the Americas.  In most cases, martial arts focuses on the use of the body and mind to defeat an enemy, although some forms employ swords, sticks, or other weapons.  While the martial arts forms throughout Asia are all strongly influenced by each other, the Japanese had an important impact on martial arts across the region, largely due to their occupation of Korea, China, and Okinawa.  While each form of martial arts has it’s
24 Feb
Michelin Guide (fr. Michelin, Le Guide Rouge), sometimes also referred to as the “Red Guide” – the most famous and influential of restaurant ratings at the moment. The guide is available since 1900 and has a three-star system for evaluating restaurants. Japan has one of the highest densities of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world, with many restaurant owners having been known to turn down a Michelin star as they don’t feel like they would be able to serve so many patrons. Aronia de Takazawa, rumored to have declined a Michelin star. Chef Takazawa’s small diner place has long been one
19 Oct
Japanese apartments are very different from those in the United States, primarily due to the smaller size of most accommodations, particularly in large cities like Tokyo. While many apartments are still small in size, there are a growing number of larger apartments throughout the country that are more like Western style apartments. Visitors who are familiar with the country already know that there are differences in the bathrooms of nearly all Japanese homes, but in many other ways, today’s apartments are simply smaller versions of what most visitors are accustomed to. Visitors to Japan who are planning to stay for
16 Sep
Japan is a country with the promise of bright lights and the gadgets of tomorrow. But this country has more secrets within its borders than a thousand history books can give you. Japan is a traveler’s paradise, a treasure trove of knowledge and a kingdom just waiting to be explored. You may think you know about the Japanese culture; the books, technology and food, but until you’ve wondered the streets, seen the people and stumbled across the oasis of untouched landscapes you can’t begin to imagine the pure beauty of the country. A country like no other, Japan is a
22 Aug
There are so many ways one’s life can be touched by the Japanese culture and Japanese inventions. But unique products sourced from Japan need not end up on an office shelf or just to be used for a friendly laugh with an interested colleague in your workplace. Some of the products to come out of Japan are both unique and absolutely practical. Check out the list we compiled for this very occasion below and let us know what you think! 1. Butter Former This kind of butter former makes a whole lot of sense for the convenience and ease of
6 Aug
Learning a foreign language is always difficult, and Japanese is one of those languages that has proven to be more difficult to learn. For one thing, it has four character sets: romaji, kanji, katakana and hiragana. These alone sound intimidating. Still, generally speaking, learning any new language is not easy. But if the interest is there, finding ways to learn the language faster comes naturally. The most natural course is to sign up for Japanese language lessons, which involves reading books and listening to audio. The lessons can be repetitive because it is one of the better ways to learn
5 Aug
For the Japanese tourist abroad, a vacation should be something that they look forward to. It is a chance to unwind, visit exciting and interesting places, or to simply reconnect with friends and family. What no one wants to experience though, is a vacation that turns out to be more stressful than normal daily life. New cultures and languages can be overwhelming, and sometimes even loved ones can add to the level of stress. For the Japanese on vacation, sometimes the stress can be even worse, with culture-shock and drastically different infrastructures from those at home. English is Globally Important
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