4 Apr
One of my favorite Japanese commercial series. Sapporo Black Label, “Love Beer?” Intense slow-motion ping pong rocks.
29 Mar
You can learn to read and write Japanese hiragana in just three weeks if you study effectively and set your mind to it. Three Weeks?! Don’t take it from me though… I asked the the Japanese learners who follow me on Twitter how long they spent learning hiragana in school, and this is what they said: @MonsterMYV @JapanNewbie We’re nearly
21 Mar
Music varies across cultures. I have been taking classical guitar lessons in Japan, and as I learn the basics of music my guitar teacher has been sharing some tidbits about what makes traditional Japanese music special. I don’t know anything about music so this is all news to me. There are particular Japanese scales that do not include the same
6 Feb
Near Sapporo and want Beer? Try the Otaru Beer restaurant in the city of Otaru. I think the Otaru Beer spot in Otaru is a better deal than the Sapporo Beer Factory or Sapporo Beer Garden in Sapporo. Otaru beer is more unique and tasty, and the environment is just as good if not better in Otaru. The Otaru Beer
25 Jan
One of the first words any student of Japanese will learn after encountering an actual Japanese person is ‘sugoi.’ すごい. Yes, Sugoi. One of the most overused words in the entire Japanese language. Probably. “Sugoi” as used by modern Japanese means: Awesome! Cool! Amazing! That’s great! Fabulous! Incredible! Wonderful! When using Kanji sugoi is written as 凄い but it’s often
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