6 Feb
Near Sapporo and want Beer? Try the Otaru Beer restaurant in the city of Otaru. I think the Otaru Beer spot in Otaru is a better deal than the Sapporo Beer Factory or Sapporo Beer Garden in Sapporo. Otaru beer is more unique and tasty, and the environment is just as good if not better in Otaru. The Otaru Beer
25 Jan
One of the first words any student of Japanese will learn after encountering an actual Japanese person is ‘sugoi.’ すごい. Yes, Sugoi. One of the most overused words in the entire Japanese language. Probably. “Sugoi” as used by modern Japanese means: Awesome! Cool! Amazing! That’s great! Fabulous! Incredible! Wonderful! When using Kanji sugoi is written as 凄い but it’s often
21 Jan
Fancy hipster jazz coffee shop in Sapporo! Mingus Coffee has excellent and strong coffee, yummy cakes, and traditional jazz playing on vinyl to keep spirits up. It’s also located in the center of the city close to Sapporo TV Tower so you can stop by after doing some sightseeing. Mingus Coffee is a smoker-friendly environment, so there’s that. When we
20 Jan
On December 16th, 1941, just about one week after the attack on Pearl Harbor, this American song was recorded. “Good bye Mama I’m Off To Yokohama” Goodbye mama I’m off to Yokohama For the red, white, and blue My country and you. Goodbye mama I’m off to Yokohama Just to teach all those Japs The Yanks are no saps A
16 Jan
It’s -3°C here in Sapporo! The locals tell me it’s usually colder. It’s not even “real” winter yet here in Hokkaido. Whenever I get into a cab the driver inevitably tells me that last year there was three times as much snow on the ground this time of year. Regardless, it’s cold, and there’s a lot of snow. Pretty though
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