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25 Nov

Cyberdyne Inc. said Wednesday its robot suit has become the first robotics device in the country to receive government approval as a medical device. “We have finally come to this stage in Japan, too, where the technology born in Japan has become a medical device,” Yoshiyuki Sankai, founder and CEO of the Ibaraki-based robotics firm, […]

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25 Nov

The government will deploy some 500 Ground Self-Defense Force troops in the island city of Ishigaki to strengthen the defense of southwestern Japan’s remote islands, a government source said Wednesday. Kenji Wakamiya, parliamentary vice minister of defense, will visit the city in Okinawa Prefecture on Thursday to meet with Mayor Yoshitaka Nakayama and explain the […]

The post Japan to deploy 500 GSDF troops on Ishigaki Island appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

A cinematic adaptation of “The Little Prince,” Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s beloved 1943 novella, is a risky proposition. There have been adaptations before, including the live-action version directed by Stanley Donen in 1974, but none have really captured the magic of the original book, or have done justice to Saint-Exupery’s distinctive, cherished drawings. Now, however, “The […]

The post Mark Osborne’s ‘Little Prince’ adaptation keeps it in the family appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

A decade or so ago, J-horror (Japanese horror) was a hot genre worldwide. Thinking they had a sure-fire box-office formula — implacable ghosts scaring the bejesus out of attractive women — filmmakers mass-produced sequels, spinoffs and knock-offs, to mostly diminishing returns. The career of Hideo Nakata, who directed the “Ring” (“Ringu”), the 1998 film that […]

The post Hideo Nakata’s ‘Ghost Theater’ recalls true horror appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

‘Woman in Gold” can perhaps be described as the sister film to “The Monuments Men” (2014). Both are fiction based on hard facts, and both involve the Nazi theft of major artworks during WWII. At their core is a deep love for art, and the conviction that art has an inherent power to trigger the […]

The post Simon Curtis’ ‘Woman in Gold’ an ode to heritage appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Filmmakers Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger were embedded with U.S. soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade in a firebase in Afghanistan’s remote Korengal Valley throughout 2007 and 2008. Their resulting documentary, “Restrepo,” was released in 2010; only now is it screening in Japan, and the irony is that almost nothing has changed in the interim. […]

The post ‘Restrepo’ and ‘Korengal’ capture emotions of war appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

It’s not easy for anyone to make indie films in Japan. Audiences, venues and funds are all shrinking. And if you are not Japanese, you face additional barriers of language, culture and credibility. Even if your name is the only foreign one on the credits, many will consider your film not “really” Japanese, including those […]

The post Welsh filmmaker John Williams has made it in Japan against all odds appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

On Sunday, when yokozuna Harumafuji was presented with the Emperor’s Cup for the seventh time, the world of sumo was still reeling from the news that Sumo Association Chairman Kitanoumi had died 48 hours earlier from complications related to rectal cancer aged only 62. As the sport’s 55th yokozuna, Kitanoumi was hugely popular in his […]

The post Kitanoumi’s death overshadows Harumfuji’s triumph appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Japan will send Fukushiro Nukaga, head of the Japan-South Korea parliamentarians’ league, as its special representative to a state funeral for former South Korean President Kim Young-sam scheduled for Thursday, the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday. Nukaga, a former finance minister and a senior Liberal Democratic Party politician, will depart on Thursday to attend the […]

The post Japan to send lawmaker Nukaga for funeral of Kim Young-sam appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

It was a no-brainer. The two were simply the most dominant players in the 2015 NPB season. Tetsuto Yamada of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows and Yuki Yanagita of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks won this year’s Most Valuable Player Awards in the Central League and Pacific League, respectively, on Wednesday. Both players won Japanese professional baseball’s […]

The post Yakult’s Yamada, Softbank’s Yanagita win MVP Awards appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

The Finance Ministry plans to seek a law revision to give customs officers the authority to seize and dispose of products that utilize stolen industrial secrets, in an effort to prevent Japanese technologies from being leaked abroad, informed sources said on Wednesday. Currently, customs officers can only make reports to the industry ministry or police […]

The post Japan to enable customs officers to seize products with stolen tech appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

As parents, should we shelter and protect our children from the horrors of terrorism, or does that promote the very ignorance it thrives on?

The post In an age of global terrorism, what should we tell the children? appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

The common image of Japan abroad as a high-tech country is severely out of step with the everyday experience of those of us who live here.

The post Japan: surprisingly, sensibly and endearingly low-tech appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Fast Retailing Co. said Wednesday it will provide $10 million over the next three years to a U.N. agency to be used chiefly for emergency aid under a fresh agreement to step up support for refugees. Under the agreement with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the casual clothing chain operator […]

The post Fast Retailing pledges $10 million to U.N. agency for refugee support appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Having already underestimated him once with deadly results, the best way for Putin to figure out how Erdogan will respond to any further Russian moves is probably to imagine how he himself would react. The two men have a lot in common.

The post Putin has misjudged his erstwhile ally Erdogan appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Putin's Russia is not exactly weak, it's just alone and unloved after alienating even potential friends such as Turkey and Ukraine.

The post Russia is waging war on far too many fronts appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

The Abe administration must not be allowed to use "the war on terror" to enact sweeping security laws.

The post Japan and the war on terror appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Osaka Ishin no Kai's big win in Sunday's elections had national repercussions, but it still needs to work with the opposition to get anything done at the local level.

The post Ramifications of Osaka elections appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Shinnosuke Abe, who until this year was the highest-paid player in Nippon Professional Baseball, agreed to a 36 percent pay cut on Wednesday with the Yomiuri Giants. The 36-year-old Abe, a nine-time winner of the Central League’s Best IX Award at catcher, moved to first base this year and batted .242 with 15 home runs […]

The post Giants star Abe takes hefty pay cut appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

New Nagoya Grampus coach and general manager Takafumi Ogura vowed to restore his old club’s winning ways on Wednesday. “I’ll establish the style of the team. On top of that, we have to fixate on winning,” the 42-year-old told a press conference a day after his appointment in a rare combined capacity. “I’ll give everything […]

The post New Grampus boss Ogura seeking winning mentality appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

The top court decides that the last Lower House election was borderline unconstitutional due to the high level of vote-value disparities among constituencies.

The post Supreme Court says December election ‘in state of unconstitutionality,’ but won’t nullify results appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

The ringleader of the Paris attacks returned to the scene of the shootings and was near the Bataclan concert hall while police were still trying to oust the gunmen who killed 89 people there, the Paris prosecutor said on Tuesday. Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who died Nov. 18 when police raided a flat in St. Denis north […]

The post Paris attack architect returned near Bataclan amid shootout, planned to blow self up in business district appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

The government sets out how the TPP free trade pact could aid businesses, to address unease in the agriculture and small business sectors.

The post Japan government releases TPP policy paper in attempt to quell unease appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Japan’s securities watchdog launched a criminal investigation Wednesday of activist investor Yoshiaki Murakami on suspicion of involvement in market manipulation, sources said. The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission searched locations related to Murakami, a former trade ministry bureaucrat who quit to start his own investment fund in 1999 and became an outspoken early champion of […]

The post Activist investor Murakami suspected of market manipulation, focus of criminal investigation appeared first on The Japan Times.

25 Nov

Shigeru Ishiba says Japan should let in more immigrants to mitigate issues related to the nation's declining population.

The post Japan’s immigration policy rift widens as population decline forces need for foreign workers appeared first on The Japan Times.

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