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4 Apr
The World Bank presidential race is being hotly contested.
3 Apr
If a major earthquake hits the "Nankai Trough" off central and western Japan's Pacific coast, the resulting tsunami could tower two to three times higher than previously estimated, according to an expert government panel announcement on March 31.
1 Apr
At a recent symposium that I attended, I learned some shocking information from Yasuyuki Shimizu, the head of a suicide prevention nonprofit organization called Lifelink.
31 Mar
With a consumption tax hike set for deliberation by the Diet, the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and the largest opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) must now more than ever do their utmost to form a consensus on the issue.
30 Mar
Thirty six applicants passed the first care worker exam held for foreign care workers under Japan's Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with Indonesia and the Philippines.
30 Mar
The Mainichi answers common questions readers may have about foreigners working at nursing care facilities in Japan.
29 Mar
"The securities market is like a mirror. You can polish it, but never stain it." The president of Nomura Securities Co.
28 Mar
Sharp Corp.'s announcement on March 27 that it will form a capital alliance with Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.
28 Mar
Japan barely left an impression at the Nuclear Security Summit held in Seoul on March 26 and 27.
27 Mar
One point of note in the recently completed Ministry of Foreign Affairs whitepaper on Japan's overseas Official Development Assistance (ODA) programs is how many of the nations that came to this country's assistance after the March 2011 disasters did so expressing thanks for those ODA efforts.
26 Mar
The site for the controversial military base lies dormant, its construction prevented by protesters.
27 Mar
There are two types of atomic weapons.
25 Mar
Psychiatrists' work at their consultation rooms is not limited only to providing psychological care.
27 Mar
In this column, I have on previous occasions introduced the tireless efforts by filmmaker Masaaki Tanabe, 74, and others to record what happened to Hiroshima many decades ago.
23 Mar
Japan's Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) recommended that the Financial Services Agency fine Chuo Mitsui Asset Trust and Banking Co.
22 Mar
A number of so-called "lonely deaths" have been discovered across Japan this year, some weeks or even months after the people passed away.
21 Mar
Having reported from areas deeply affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear crisis since immediately after their outbreak, the question of whether I've been able to convey the disaster survivors' reality weighs increasingly more heavily on my mind.
20 Mar
There is a growing number of students at Josai International University majoring in social and environmental studies, and one of the issues they study is energy policy.
18 Mar
The Mainichi answers common questions readers may have about a potential magnitude 7-class earthquake that could strike directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area.
18 Mar
The number of suicides in 2011 stood at over 30,000, according to National Police Agency statistics.
18 Mar
One year has now passed since the devastating quake and tsunami that triggered the ongoing nuclear crisis in Fukushima, and recently I overheard a worker living near a U.S.
17 Mar
It's the Year of the Dragon and time to face our fears. But Japanese men, it seems, are already faced with plenty.
16 Mar
The crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant is far from over.
15 Mar
There are 14 nuclear reactors on the shores of Wakasa Bay in Fukui Prefecture, the largest concentration in the country.
15 Mar
The Mainichi answers common questions readers may have about how foreigners can obtain Japanese citizenship.
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