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25 Oct
Religious Shia Leader Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia: Real Mirror of ISIS Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times If you want to view the real mirror of ISIS (IS – Islamic State) then look no further than the religious apartheid state of Saudi Arabia. After all, this nation supports systematic anti […]
24 Oct
Kunisada and Kunichika – Two Men of the Stage Toshidama Gallery What do most people know of kabuki? In the west, almost nothing. Modern kabuki occupies perhaps the same status as modern poetry in England: specialist and largely irrelevant. By looking at the woodblock prints from Japan in the nineteenth century it is possible to […]
22 Oct
“Power Purification” Law and Merkel Slow Down Progress in Ukraine-Russia Diplomacy Vojin Joksimovich, PhD Modern Tokyo Times “Power Purification” Law The Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada, has passed a new law translated as “Power Purification.” It appears that the prime mover was the Prime Minister (PM) Arseniy Yatsenyuk. It should be recalled that he was Victoria […]
21 Oct
PM Abe of Japan: US Realism and Political Confidence in Tokyo Hiroshi Saito and Lee Jay Walker  Modern Tokyo Times It appears that aspects of the media in Japan are beset by Western “gilt trips” and the trappings of “multi-cultural apologetics.” This certainly applies to the English speaking media on a whole in Japan. However, […]
17 Oct
Yoshu Chikanobu and Art of Japan: East or West? Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Yoshu Chikanobu (Chikanobu Toyohara) was a Meiji artist who highlighted many aspects of this revolutionary period in Japan. Chikanobu, like other Meiji artists, was often overlooked in the past but today the art world is changing. Therefore, artists who belonged […]
15 Oct
Ukraine’s Tale of Two Elections James George Jatras Deputy Director, AIU AIU American Institute in Ukraine On October 26, Ukraine – minus Crimea and the part of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts controlled by anti-Kiev forces – will hold elections for the Verkhovna Rada. On November 9 (probably: it’s still unclear whether they will be pushed […]
13 Oct
Torii Kiyonaga and Japanese Art: Bijinga and Torii School Tomoko Hara Modern Tokyo Times Torii Kiyonaga (1752-1815) was an extremely stylish ukiyo-e artist who belonged to the Torii school. His rise to the top of this school highlights many aspects of Japanese culture within the art world because he wasn’t related to the Torii family. However, […]
11 Oct
Water Pressures in Central Asia International Crisis Group EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS Water has long been a major cause of conflict in Central Asia. Two states – Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan – have a surplus; the other three say they do not get their share from the region’s great rivers, the Syr Darya and Amu Darya, […]
9 Oct
NATO Turkey Under Erdogan Knows No Shame: ISIS Waiting to Slaughter the Kurds Nuray Lydia Oglu and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times President Bashar al-Assad warned the world that by allowing Gulf petrodollars, Turkey and the murky role of several Western governments to embolden sectarianism and terrorism, that this reality would come to haunt […]
8 Oct
Kawanabe Kyosai and Art of Japan: Folklore, Shinto, the Spirit World and Tengu Lee Jay Walker and Modern Tokyo Times The Japanese artist Kawanabe Kyosai is extremely fascinating because of his individualistic spirit and this is witnessed in his art. Kyosai, just like the mysterious Tengu, belonged to two worlds and this applies to the […]
8 Oct
Kenya: Al-Shabaab – Closer to Home International Crisis Group   OVERVIEW One year after the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nairobi, Al-Shabaab is more entrenched and a graver threat to Kenya. But the deeper danger is less in the long established terrorist cells that perpetrated the act – horrific as it was – and more […]
6 Oct
Beslan and Chechen Terrorism: Caucasus Jihadists still killing in Syria and Gulf Petrodollars Ramzan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times On the morning of September 1, 2004, all seemed normal in Beslan in North Ossetia. This part of the Russian Federation was basically a backwater when it came to international news. However, sadly […]
6 Oct
Images of Men and Women in Japanese Woodblock Prints Toshidama Gallery The current exhibition at the Toshidama Gallery shows twenty-four prints of men and women, all of them from the nineteenth century. Immediately obvious is how, despite stylistic and technical development, images of men remain pretty consistent throughout the period; yet women go through a […]
5 Oct
US, Feudal Alliance and Syria: Sponsors of ISIS and no Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times President Obama of America is not only fooling himself, he is trying to fool the entire world. After all, Obama states America will train more sectarian and terrorist forces in the […]
4 Oct
Yuzo Saeki and Japanese Art: A Rare Flower Cut Down by Tuberculosis in France Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Yuzo Saeki was born in 1898 and died in 1928 at the tender age of 30 but despite his short time on this earth he left a rich legacy. He was born in Osaka which […]
4 Oct
Ukraine’s Collapsing Economy Anthony T. Salvia Director, American Institute in Ukraine AIU American Institute in Ukraine With the ceasefire now in its fourth week, Ukraine commentators are shifting their attention from the military state of affairs to the economic. If the battlefield is largely quiescent, the same cannot be said for the economy, which is […]
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