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23 Sep
Man of Mystery in the World of Japanese Woodblock Prints: Isoda Koryusai Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Isoda Koryusai is a man of mystery even today because much remains up in the air about important aspects of his life. Koryusai was born in 1735 and died in 1790 and he was active during the […]
23 Sep
Shared Concerns Over Salafi Extremism Steer Iran and Tajikistan Into Security Agreement Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 11 Issue: 166 By: Mark Vinson The Jamestown Foundation On September 11, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) annual summit (Ozodi, September 11). On the sidelines of the summit, Rouhani […]
21 Sep
Russia Should Send Covert Operatives to Syria: Chechen, Caucasus Angle and Iran Murad Mahkmudov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The conflict in Syria continues unabated whereby the supporters of terrorism, sedition and sectarianism fear no international consequences and now the ISIS threat in 2014 is being manipulated by America in order to attack […]
19 Sep
Japanese Art and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) adored Japanese ukiyo-e and many famous international artists also fell in love with this art form. Toulouse-Lautrec and his lifestyle would certainly have fit in well with the environment of Yoshiwara in Tokyo, which is famous for prostitution. Indeed, […]
18 Sep
Syrian Brotherhood Stands Nearer to ISIS Than to U.S. by Ravi Kumar IPT News Investigative Project on Terrorism While the United States tries to build a coalition of Arab allies to join the fight against the terrorist group ISIS, now known as the Islamic State, one group which stands to benefit directly is coming out […]
16 Sep
Obama and the Syria Agenda: US to Utilize Covert Allies of ISIS via Draconian Saudi Arabia Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times President Obama of the United States must be employing many spin-doctors because his policy against tackling the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS – now Islamic State IS) is […]
15 Sep
Yorozu Tetsugoro and Art of Japan: Famous Son of Iwate Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Yorozu Tetsugoro was born in 1885 and died of tuberculosis in 1927 after severe complications from pneumonia which finally took its toll. Sadly, all too often many artists in this period died very young and the same fate awaited […]
13 Sep
Yukio Mishima: Nationalist, Genius and the Perfect Death Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Yukio Mishima states: “If we value so highly the dignity of life, how can we not also value the dignity of death?  No death may be called futile.” This comment is poignant because for many people who have never read Mishima, […]
12 Sep
Iran’s Two-Pronged Problem with the Islamic State: At Home and Abroad By: Alex Vatanka The Jamestown Foundation Executive Summary The authorities in Iran consider the Islamic State to pose two different kinds of threats to Iranian regional interests and domestic stability. On the one hand, the rise of the Islamic State in Syria and in […]
11 Sep
Yumeji Takehisa and Japanese Art: Taisho Romanticism and Shadow of Shusui Kotoku Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Yumeji Takehisa produced many stunning pieces of art but he never received the international acclaim that he fully deserved during his lifetime. He was born in 1884 and passed away in 1934 because of illness. Indeed, the […]
9 Sep
Ebola Deaths Keep on Mounting: Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone Noriko Watanabe and Paul Joseph Nzeribe Modern Tokyo Times The Ebola crisis is showing few signs of abating therefore with each new passing day more people are dying in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Other nations, like Nigeria, have also witnessed deaths but on a dramatically […]
8 Sep
President Bashar al-Assad Warned Against the Folly of Gulf and NATO Powers Helmut Joachim Schmidt, Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times President Bashar al-Assad of Syria warned the international community many times that Gulf and major NATO powers were paving the way for mass chaos throughout the Levant and Iraq – and […]
7 Sep
Paul Gauguin and Japanese Art: Poverty and the Innner Soul Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The art of Paul Gauguin is extremely rich in quality and when viewing his art you can feel the intensity and uniqueness of such a talented individual. Whatever negatives have been stated about this sublime artist with regards to […]
6 Sep
Wakayama and Japanese Tourism: Koyasan, Shirahama, Kumano Kodo & Kii Peninsula James Jomo and Kanako Itamae Modern Tokyo Times Wakayama prefecture in Japan is blessed with many amazing places to visit and the richness of culture and history can be felt throughout this lovely region. This notably applies to Wakayama Castle, Koyasan, Kumano Kodo pilgrimage […]
5 Sep
Art of Japan and Ogata Korin (1658-1716) Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The art of Ogata Korin remains potent because of clarity and his own unique ways. However, at one point it appeared that the winds of time would threaten his legacy and if this had happened, then Japanese art would have been the […]
4 Sep
Shia Persecution: Year After Year Shia Pilgrims are killed by Takfiri Islamists in Iraq Mural Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times It is difficult to imagine that Shia Muslims are being constantly targeted by Sunni Takfiri Islamists during religious pilgrimages in modern day Iraq. Yet for the Shia religious persecution is sadly a […]
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