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23 Aug
Tokyo Times in Stunning Mount Takao-san Olivier LeCourt and Hiroshi Saito Modern Tokyo Times Japanese tourism is internationally famous because of many different angles. This applies to the rich traditions of Japanese culture which can be found throughout this nation. Therefore, images of the Japanese tea ceremony, kabuki, ukiyo-e, Buddhism, Shintoism, Japanese gardens, kimono and […]
22 Aug
ISIS power in Iraq based on the Takfiri, Terrorist and Sectarian go ahead against Syria Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Gulf and NATO powers have collectively enabled al-Qaeda affiliates, an array of Takfiri sectarian forces and other terrorist organizations to flourish throughout parts of North Africa, the Middle East and other […]
21 Aug
Buddhism and Art of Japan: Sengai Gibon and Sesshu Toyo in Opposite Directions Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Sesshu Toyo (1420-1506) and Sengai Gibon (1750-1837) are two famous individuals in Japanese history. However, despite belonging to the same Rinzai school of Buddhism both individuals had hugely different views of art and the faith they […]
21 Aug
Aggressive Propaganda Helps Islamic State Lure Followers Away From Al-Qaida by John Rossomando IPT News Investigative Project on Terrorism Battlefield success by the Islamic State, formerly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), may be translating into a competition with al-Qaida for brand loyalty among jihadist recruits. These successes have intelligence experts worried. Al-Qaida […]
20 Aug
Fashion News in Tokyo: Fred Segal to Consolidate in Japan Hiroshi Saito and Michel Lebon Modern Tokyo Times Fred Segal opened its first flagship store in Japan last year and now it appears that 2014/2015 will be based on consolidating this hip brand. Indeed, the power of American fashion can be felt deeply within the […]
19 Aug
Syria and Support of Al-Qaeda and FSA by Gulf and Western Powers: Kashmir and Bosnia Jibril Khoury and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The conflicts in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kashmir, Kosovo, Libya and in other parts of the mainly Islamic world, or where you have Muslim and non-Muslim fault-lines, appears to have one binding factor. This […]
18 Aug
Modern Tokyo Ladies in Traditional Dress and Japanese Ladies in Ukiyo-e Art Tomoko Hara Modern Tokyo Times Ukiyo-e art in Japan focused on many themes during its “golden period” in the Edo period and this was replicated during the Meiji era. Therefore, the world of old Japan comes alive visually within many areas of ukiyo-e […]
17 Aug
Kiev Elites in Ukraine given Green Light to Slaughter by NATO, EU, US and G7 Ramazan Khalidov, Ri Kuk-Chol and Michiyo Tanabe Modern Tokyo Times The elites within the Western block already took sides before events unfolded in the Ukraine. Indeed, just like Yugoslavia, but in reverse, one nation state was deemed worthy to destroy […]
16 Aug
ISIS Bombing Masks US deeds in Syria: Rand Paul, US, ISIS Contradictions and Phony War Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS – now Islamic State IS) and America appear to be having a phony war. After all, if ISIS is all over the show […]
16 Aug
Old Scores and New Grudges: Evolving Sino-Japanese Tensions International Crisis Group   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS Enmity between China and Japan is hardening into a confrontation that appears increasingly difficult to untangle by diplomacy. Positions on the dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkaku island group are wide apart, and politically viable options to bridge the gap remain […]
16 Aug
Modern Tokyo Times in Odaiba: Fashion and Tourism Sarah Deschamps and Tomoko Hara Modern Tokyo Times In Tokyo several places really stand out for being unique in style and this certainly applies to Odaiba. If this is your first visit to Tokyo then Odaiba is a must because of the stunning architecture on show. Also, […]
15 Aug
Turkey is Isolated Regionally under Erdogan: Syria, Muslim Brotherhood and America Nuray Lydia Oglu and Hiroshi Saito Modern Tokyo Times   The people of Turkey are struggling to come to terms with the divisiveness of the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his main international henchman, Ahmet Davutoglu. In Turkey, according to Erdogan, […]
14 Aug
Ikebana and Cultural and Historical Aspects in Japan Sarah Deschamps and Kanako Itamae Modern Tokyo Times The history of ikebana (living flowers) is extremely fascinating because it tells us a lot about aspects of Japanese culture and how the different thought patterns can be seen in art. Ikebana is also known by the name of […]
13 Aug
Yazidis butchered, Alawites face the sword, Shia beheaded and Christians cleansed: Syria and Iraq Ramazan Khalidov, Michiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times NATO Powers and Gulf nations have sponsored the destabilization of Syria from the earliest period and the consequences of such a brutal and barbaric policy is clear for all to […]
12 Aug
Keisai Eisen and Japanese Art: Early Impact Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Keisai Eisen (1790-1848) learnt to be independent from an early age and he chose a path which was fraught with economic danger. In a sense, Keisai Eisen represents aspects of “the real Edo period” for individuals who resided in big cities in […]
12 Aug
Ukraine: Poroshenko’s ‘Hail Mary’ Pass James George Jatras Deputy Director, AIU AIU American Institute in Ukraine For those not acquainted with American football, a “Hail Mary” pass is the desperation move of a losing team. The quarterback sends downfield all possible receivers, says a quick prayer, and hurls the ball high and far in the […]
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