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16 Apr
Kiev Seeks to Silence pro-Russian Protestors and Federalists in Southeastern Ukraine Galina Zobova and Hiroshi Saito Modern Tokyo Times The Russian Federation is intent on finding a solution to the crisis in the Ukraine however nationalist and pro-Western forces keep on upping the ante. Obviously, many political elites in Moscow believe that incitement is being […]
16 Apr
Japan-South Korea-US Trilateral – Breaking Ice in East Asia? Mr. Rajaram Panda Chennai Centre for China Studies The third Nuclear Security Summit that concluded at The Hague on 25 March may have achieved its purpose of strengthening nuclear security, reducing the continuing threat of nuclear terrorism and assessing the progress made since the Washington summit […]
15 Apr
Tokyo Fashion News: Daimaru Department Store in Central Tokyo Kanako Itamae and Michel Lebon Modern Tokyo Times Tokyo train station is a major link to other parts of Japan because of the shinkansen train system. The size of this station is enormous and it is easy to get lost because this train station is extremely […]
14 Apr
Islamist Fifth Column in Gaza based on Gulf and Western Strings: Egypt and Syria Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times If individuals want to see the dead end path of radical Takfiri Islam then look no further than the mantra of hatred and discord in Gaza because this estranged reality says everything […]
13 Apr
European Art and Adorable Individualism: L.S. Lowry and Paul Gauguin Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The artist L.S. Lowry (1887-1976) became one of the greatest painters in the United Kingdom in the twentieth century because he provided images of a world that existed and his style was very individualistic. Northern English people can certainly […]
13 Apr
From Syria to Sulawesi: Could Mujahideen Indonesia Timor become an ISIS Ally? Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 12 Issue: 7 By: Jacob Zenn The Jamestown Foundation A schism emerged among Syrian jihadist groups after al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri announced on February 3 that al-Qaeda has “no connection” to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) […]
12 Apr
Japan to Utilize Nuclear Energy based on Pragmatism Michiyo Tanabe and Noriko Watanabe Modern Tokyo Times The government of Japan finally came to the conclusion that the same nuclear energy that played a powerful role in modernization, is once more to be part of the energy policy of this nation. Prime Minister Abe is focused […]
11 Apr
Tokyo Fashion News: Kawaii Culture, Cute Cube Harajuku and Monki Michel Lebon and Tomoko Hara Modern Tokyo Times Kawaii culture in Harajuku is internationally famous because of the unique vibes of this independent reality in the heart of Tokyo. Therefore, the opening of Cute Cube Harajuku  in 2013 enhanced this angle within the fashion environment […]
10 Apr
Liberal Europe is a Breeding Ground for Sectarian Islamist Killers Entering Syria Salma Zribi and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The vibes of multi-cultural Europe, gender rights, numbing down on Christianity, progressive age based on new technology, growing atheism, and so forth, appears to be bypassing Islamist sectarians going to Syria in order to […]
9 Apr
Japanese Art and Takehisa: Kotoku and Radical Political Forces Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times Yumeji Takehisa produced many stunning pieces of art but just like Shusui Kotoku, the revolutionary anarchist, and friend, he was caught up in the world of political intrigues and clashes of culture. His friendship with Shusui Kotoku meant that “within […]
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