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2 May
goo Ranking does seem to conduct a large percentage of their surveys on odd toilet-related topics, for which I thank them! Today’s is about what guys answering the survey wish they hadn’t just learnt about women’s toilets. In the answers below, a Sound Princess is a device in many female public toilets that plays toilet […]
29 Apr
Here’s a short yet interesting (I especially have high hopes for Deep Learning) survey from Gartner Japan into machine intelligence. I’m pretty sure many of my readers will have heard about Deep Learning, computing’s new Silver Bullet that will slay (if you believe the hype) all machine intelligence issues. I’ve worked a little on it […]
21 Apr
Don’t say I don’t bring you surveys about these weird corners of public opinion in Japan, as today I offer you the officially-titled checking sweat smells, but as the accompanying video makes clear, it’s all about sniffing your own pits. I don’t need to secretly sniff – I only worry when I can smell it […]
10 Apr
Round about April first is the start of the new work and university year in Japan, so there’s a lot of people moving house, so this was the excuse for goo Ranking to publish a survey of what sort of stuff typically happens when moving. I moved just about a year and half ago, and […]
4 Apr
iResearch recently published a survey into businesspeople and their breakfasts. I have breakfast every day, but weekdays it is merely toast during the winter, and once it gets a bit warmer I’ll switch to granola. I’d like to have bananas more often, but for whatever reason I don’t eat them. If I’m staying in a […]
3 Apr
goo Ranking recently posted (or reposted, looking at the date) a survey into filling in the blank: Marriage is Life’s [_______]. I’ll have to choose the positive answers here, and not just because my wife is looking over my shoulder. Here’s a random photo from Flickr on the theme of “Japan marriage”: Ranking result Q: […]
2 Apr
Today is the day of the Tokyo YouTuber Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) party (still time to catch them at the pub!), and although I couldn’t attend, I can instead send a goo Ranking survey on major downers that happen at cherry blossom viewing. A friend went to one a couple of years ago in Osaka, […]
31 Mar
This was an interesting survey from Times Current titled rather dramatically “Being tired of other’s full real life”, a title based on a Japanese expression リア充, ria-juu, being satisfied with one’s real offline life. One of my online (and offline too) friends is perhaps just a bit too much ria-juu with airline business class lounge […]
27 Mar
A recent survey conducted by the publishers of a fleamarket app “ZOZO Furima” looked at selfies, with the tenuous link to the fleamarket app being that women might be buying or selling the outfits featured in their selfies that they upload to Facebook, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever seriously taken a selfie (just once […]
23 Mar
COLOPAL’s SmartAnswer recently conducted a survey into Instagram use, finding it most popular with younger girls and women. Instagram is another thing that I’ve never got into, so I don’t know what I’m missing, but I suspect it is nothing much… If any of my readers feel like trying to convince me, please suggest accounts […]
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