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22 May
Today we have @nifty’s survey into manners, where I’ll select two ranking-like questions, on bad manners in trains (by Japanese) and bad manners by foreigners. For the list of bad foreigner manners, I suspect that a lot is confirmation bias, that one bad-mannered foreigner tarnishes the reputation of all. Furthermore, many of these ill-manners can […]
16 May
@nifty recently released a survey looking into coffee. I most often drink convenience store coffee; it’s cheap and fresh and quite, quite drinkable, and with convenience stores near to the office, I quite often take a cup with me to work. I’m quite surprised, however, in Q4 to see that Starbucks over-roasted drip coffee gets […]
15 May
goo Ranking recently asked its visitors what SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) posts by celebrities annoy you; I thought I recently did a similar survey for ordinary people, but I cannot find it right now… I don’t follow any celebrities, although I occasionally see their Facebook posts through friends of friends. However, I just skip […]
14 May
Excuse the poor pun of a title, but this survey into purchasing and moving graves by the Japan Stone Products Cooperative Association perhaps needed a little bit of levity on this weighty topic. I’ve got my family plot bought (here’s a web site with a newspaper article on it, along with rather incongruous adverts), or […]
8 May
goo Ranking recently published an interesting survey into arigata meiwaku, unwelcome helpfulness, when other people read your mind wrongly. My pet niggle is when convenience store staff put a fork in with my salad instead of the usual chopstick without asking me what I actually want. I posed this question to a Japan expat forum […]
5 May
Internetcom recently reported on a survey by MMD into feature phones, bog-standard non-smart phones. My two-year mobile phone contract is up for renewal this month, and after a short visit to my local Docomo shop, I found that I will be paying about 7,000 yen, the cheapest data plan they offer, for up to three […]
2 May
goo Ranking does seem to conduct a large percentage of their surveys on odd toilet-related topics, for which I thank them! Today’s is about what guys answering the survey wish they hadn’t just learnt about women’s toilets. In the answers below, a Sound Princess is a device in many female public toilets that plays toilet […]
29 Apr
Here’s a short yet interesting (I especially have high hopes for Deep Learning) survey from Gartner Japan into machine intelligence. I’m pretty sure many of my readers will have heard about Deep Learning, computing’s new Silver Bullet that will slay (if you believe the hype) all machine intelligence issues. I’ve worked a little on it […]
21 Apr
Don’t say I don’t bring you surveys about these weird corners of public opinion in Japan, as today I offer you the officially-titled checking sweat smells, but as the accompanying video makes clear, it’s all about sniffing your own pits. I don’t need to secretly sniff – I only worry when I can smell it […]
10 Apr
Round about April first is the start of the new work and university year in Japan, so there’s a lot of people moving house, so this was the excuse for goo Ranking to publish a survey of what sort of stuff typically happens when moving. I moved just about a year and half ago, and […]
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