“Wire us the amount of your paycheck immediately.”

In Japan, the term “black company” (burakku kigyō) is used to refer to companies that have little to no concern for their employees’ well-being, making them work months in a row without any breaks, or getting paid essentially nothing for hundreds of hours of overtime.

And for some companies, the torment doesn’t stop even after you leave.

Japanese Twitter user @kachokun shared this letter he recently received from the “black company” he left a few months ago:

“By the way, here’s the dubious letter I got from the company I left at the end of last year.” (Translation below)


— 元統括くん (@kachokun) February 4, 2021

Created Feb 1, 2021

Dear [redacted]

Thank you very much for leaving our company in the most unpleasant, worst way possible as a member of society.

As a member of society, as a human being, what you f*cking did will certainly come back to bite you. God will not forget to deliver your punishment, assh*le.

When that time comes, I hope you will not forget that it’s too late to cry over how ashamed you are for being the worst.

Well then, onto business. You are you are (sic) requesting documents for [redacted], but according to this letter’s accompanying sheet, there are deficiencies in payment.

Wire us the amount of your paycheck immediately, [redacted] .

The bank transfer fee will be paid by you.

After confirming the bank transfer, we will humbly send you the documents.

Also, we will not pay shipping for the documents you want.

Attach a stamp to the enclosed envelope, and send it to [redacted].

Bank transfer information: [redacted]

Well then. That’s not quite a letter to hang on the fridge, now is it?

To note, the letter uses the word kisama (“you”) repeatedly toward the …continue reading