He must be healin’ pretty good about himself now.

I remember a teacher once telling me that everyone has something they excel at. However, back then if your talent was, say, making an amazing amount of thick foam from the tiniest drop of soap, your skill would probably go largely unnoticed compared to a star baseball player or classical pianist.

Times have changed though, and thanks to the Internet all of these obscure talents can finally come out to shine. Some people even get the best of both worlds, like Takayuki Haranishi.

Already a successful comedian in his own right as a member of the manzai duo Fujiwara, Haranishi was also able to let his secondary genius shine on YouTube recently.

▼ Takayuki Haranishi (left) and Toshifumi Fujimoto (right) are Fujiwara

You see, Harashi has a very particular set of skills — skills that he acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for any so-called “number one fan” of Pretty Cure.

He can correctly identify any character from the long running series simply by touching a figurine of them. What makes this especially impressive is that Pretty Cure, thanks to rebooting itself every year, it boasts a record-setting roster of 64 main magical warrior girls, or 69 if you want to count the starting lineup of Tropical Rouge! Pretty Cure which begins at the end of this month.

So watch with amazement at how Haranishi can tell which one is which simply by feeling up their statuettes. Although the video is in Japanese, it’s pretty easy to follow once they get into the challenge about four minutes in. The only Japanese word you’ll really need to know is “seikai” which means “correct!”

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