You don’t have to be super crazy to serve on the city council, but it helps.

On 31 January, the political landscape of Toda, Saitama Prefecture was rocked by the electoral victory of 34-year-old musician Super Crazy Kun to city council. After campaigning hard with street dance parties and a strong social media presence, this aspiring politician found a novel way of tapping into young non-voters to secure his victory.

“Child Power: School teachers and cram school teachers, grandpas and grandmas, and all kinds of acquaintances [of kids] are being brought to the polls and are voting for Super Crazy Kun. It’s something that can only be done by Super Crazy Kun because he really cares about children.”

子供大事にしてるスーパークレイジー君だからこそ出来る事だなぁ 。

— m_a_ami (@maami26444739) January 29, 2021

Although he had a platform of anti-animal cruelty, child welfare, and 24-hour adult entertainment that almost anyone could get behind, it was his general look and demeanor that presented him as a political breath of fresh air.

He mostly kept his extensive tattoos under cover, but candidate Super Crazy Kun’s trademark look mainly consisted of brightly dyed brown hair and a special attack uniform; a long trench coat once worn by Japanese soldiers on suicide missions in World War II, but have since become common attire of young bikers known as bosozoku.

▼ This performance was a part of his run for Tokyo Governor last year.

Half anti-establishment symbolism and half representation of his troubled youth in a juvenile correctional facility for five years, these features that would normally sink a lesser candidate’s campaign became distinct advantages in the capable hands of Super Crazy Kun.

However, on 8 February, the new Toda city council convened for the first time and reporters were anxious to see what kind of entrance Super …continue reading