Fairy Tail's Natsu and Gray, good friends who argue.

I was reading through Noragami recently and there was a comment from one character, Ebisu, about the friendship of the main characters, Yato and Yukine. Ebisu noted that the two were trying to sell each other out at the sight of his money in their 1st meeting. While the relationship isn’t that of a typical god and his Shinki, Ebisu found that the two’s connection felt like a real friendship.

I also remember scenes in Gintama where all the Yorozuya yell at each other constantly. Other characters have noted that they wished they had friends like the Yorozuya in their lives. There’s many scenes like this in anime/manga where characters would comment on the main characters’ honest relationships with closest supporting characters they were closest to.

Sometimes, we can’t count on immediate family to talk about our inner-most feelings. Family members are often stressed and/or dealing with their own trauma. I find those moments where characters with troubled pasts express some commentary on those with brutally honest friendships endearing. What’s beautiful about those kinds of relationships are that each party stands as equal and worthy of respect. They also allow each other to say their piece even if they disagree.

Right now, I see most relationships today are treated as hierarchal and/or transactional. There’s little room for intimacy to come out. Maybe that’s a big reason why I see so many youth resort to suicide as the years have gone by. No one listens to them. No one allows them to express themselves in an honest manner. Youth don’t seem to be allowed to have some kind of agency.

I think about my relationship with my family. I get into arguments with my parents from time to time even thought we’re close. They do get really tense, but we …continue reading