This ready-made, microwavable ramen comes close to something you can get in a restaurant!

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll know that convenience store food is actually pretty good. In fact, here at SoraNews24, we regularly hold taste rallies to find out which one makes the best of each kind of food. For example, we recently learned, after extensive taste testing, that 7-Eleven’s curry bread is the best.

7-Eleven, to their credit, makes a point of improving the recipes of their food fairly regularly, which might be why they seem to maintain a high level of quality for all of their prepackaged and fresh meals. In fact, they’ve just revitalized their ready-made microwave pork ramen. Being ramen aficionados, among many things, meant that we had to try it, and man…it’s really good.

The Third-Generation Pork Ramen, which is inspired by the recipes of the Chiba-based ramen shop Chuka Soba Tomita, is actually, as you might guess from its name, the third iteration of 7-Eleven’s pork ramen. As avid ramen fans and lovers of conbini food, we remember well the first two versions. The original had noodles with a consistency that was a bit too much like udon to satisfy our ramen cravings. The second iteration was like a combination of Chinese-style noodles and udon, and was a bit better in terms of texture, but still not quite up to par.

The third version, however, is much more to our liking! The noodles in Pork Ramen 3.0 are closer to proper ramen noodles. According to 7-Eleven, they’ve increased the quantity of high gluten flour in the recipe, making them much firmer …continue reading