These Shinkansen-exclusive ice creams are so famous they even have their own hashtag.

When you take a trip on a Japanese bullet train, there are a lot of things to look forward to on the journey, including the onboard trolley service, where you can purchase Sujata ice cream, a treat so rare it can’t be purchased anywhere else.

Now, with passenger numbers down during the pandemic, one Shinkansen line has sadly suspended sales of the ice cream onboard from February. However, they’ve decided to make everyone’s dreams come true by offering the Shinkansen-exclusive ice cream for sale online, and it’s so popular it sells out within minutes every time there’s a restock.

▼ Our Japanese-language reporter K. Masami failed to get an order in for the new ice creams until she got lucky on the third restock.

The Sanyo Shinkansen, which connects Shin-Osaka in Osaka with Hakata Station in Fukuoka, is selling the ice creams online in 12-piece boxes, containing either all vanilla, all matcha or six of each variety. Masami got the mixed set and immediately went to open one of the matcha ice creams first, as it’s the one she always chooses when riding the Shinkansen.

Peeling off the foil lid, Masami was curious to see if the home-delivered ice creams would have the same hardness as the ones served on the train. Sujata ice creams are so famous for their hardness they even have their own hashtag on social media–“Shinkansen sugoi katai aisu” (“super hard Shinkansen ice cream“)–with photos and videos showing people unable to insert the spoon into the super-stiff ice cream.

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