Raw seafood and a microwave is today’s weird vending machine find of the day.

Japanese vending machines have been faithfully serving customers for decades, but these days they’re becoming more high-tech then ever before, offering a greater variety of goods and services to the general public.

Which brings us to today’s unusual find: the kaki fry vending machine. In Japan, kaki fry (“fried oysters”) are a popular snack food usually eaten at izakaya taverns with a beer on the side. A lot fewer people are frequenting taverns these days during the pandemic, though, so this new vending machine is a great option for those wanting to get their kaki fry fix outside.

The machine exclusively sells products from oyster farming company “Farm Suzuki”, which is located in Osakikamijima, Hiroshima Prefecture, one of the country’s premier oyster-producing regions. While the vending machine specialises in kaki fry, it also stocks raw Osaki Claire Oysters, served in half-shells with a wedge of lemon, and raw tiger prawns.

▼ All products are priced at 1,200 yen (US$11.30), which will get you either four fried oysters, three Claire Oysters or two tiger prawns.

We decided to forego the raw seafood options and head straight for the kaki fry, hitting the “Buy it now!” button and holding our credit card over the card reader to make the purchase, as the machine doesn’t accept cash payment.

“Hold card to reader until melody is heard”

After the machine accepted our cashless payment, it released a box of kaki fry into the tray below, and when we picked it up and felt …continue reading