The secret, it seems, is preparing for mental health as well as physical safety.

The upcoming 10-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami is a great reminder of the importance of being prepared in the event of a natural disaster. And with an increasing number of earthquakes happening in the Pacific region lately, many people are worried that another big earthquake could be hitting Japan at any time, so more emphasis than usual is being placed on disaster preparedness.

If you haven’t prepared an emergency kit yet, now’s a good time to start. Luckily there are plenty of resources out there to help you, like this YouTube video made by Japanese bottled water (and other drinks) manufacturer, Suntory, and Sendai-based newspaper, Kakuko Shinpo.

The two companies asked more than 50 people who survived the 3.11 disaster which items they realized they needed most in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami, and they’ve recorded some of their answers in the above video. As you would guess, many respondents answered with common sense things like a lantern and baby formula, but the reasoning behind them is not always what you would expect.

For example, the lantern was shared by a company president, who spoke not only about its usefulness for light, but for the soul as well. He said that the power outages after the earthquake was the first time he’d ever experienced nights without a single electric light. “It’s really dark,” he said. “It’s scary.”

He had 20 people gathering at his home at night around a single lantern, and not only having that light, but also having everyone gathered around it, talking and spending time together, really helped him feel like everything would be okay.

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