Outside-the-box thinking gets a thumbs-up from teacher.

Japanese Twitter user @gude_chichi has a seven-year-old daughter, and that daughter had a problem. She’s currently in the first grade, and the other day her teacher gave the class an assignment to write an essay about any kind of personal experience they’d recently had.

So the kids started writing…except for @gude_chichi’s daughter, who immediately ran into writer’s block, and a case so severe that she even titled her essay “What Should I Do?”

▼ Page 1 of her essay

But even if she wasn’t sure what to write, @gude_chichi’s daughter let that agitation flow straight onto the paper, starting off with:

Today at school we are writing essays. But I can’t think of anything to write about and don’t know what to do. Everyone else is writing. But me? I’m not. Please, teacher, help me out here. No luck? What should I do? I wonder if there’s anyone else in class who isn’t writing.

My brain isn’t thinking of anything, but it still feels like I’m spraining it. How does that happen? Third period is almost over. I don’t want to have to stay after to finish this during break. ‘What should I do?’ I don’t ever want to have to write an essay again…What should I do? Only five minutes left. Oh, wait, that’s it! I can write about this feeling for my essay! But there’s not enough time. What should I do?”

With just a few minutes left, the girl kicked her writing into high gear, filling a second page, and then most of a third, with her inner monologue.

She wraps things up with:

“The teacher just said …continue reading