The world has spoken and the best pirates were chosen.

Last January Shueisha, publisher of the manga behemoth One Piece, kicked off the World Top 100 poll asking everyone from all over the world to select their favorite character from the very long-running series and determine the best of the best.

On 5 May, the tallied votes were announced in a special YouTube announcement ceremony honoring the winners of this massive popularity contest.

The ceremony was hosted by Japanese comedy duo Kamaitachi and a panel of fans from around the world

Since there’s no easy way to say this, let’s just get the bad news out of the way first: Despite my tireless efforts in voting, it’s with a heavy heart I inform you all that Camel the super penguin did not come in first. Instead, this was the top five:

5 – Trafalgar Law

4 – Sanji

3 – Nami

2 – Zoro

1 – Luffy

It’s probably not the most surprising outcome with the series’ main cast gracing the top five, but we can see how the competition between Zoro, Luffy, and Nami was actually surprisingly close when we break it down by region.

Top 10 rankings by region

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