Handled with care and delivered in perfect condition.

Customer service in Japan is known for being second to none, with “God-like” attention paid to the needs of customers everywhere you go, from train stations to restaurants and even amusement parks.

Recently, another heartwarming tale of excellent customer service in Japan has come to light, this time involving the Japanese postal service. And while the postal system here is already widely lauded for its efficient, reliable services, this particular encounter is so impressive it’s even come as a pleasant surprise to a lot of Japanese people.

Twitter user and university professor Hajime Ishikawa (@hajimebs) shared their experience online, uploading three photos with the following message:

“A leaf arrived in the post box. Properly stamped with a postmark.”

▼ The photos shared by Ishikawa show a leaf with a 120-yen (US$1.10) postage stamp on one side…

▼ …which has been stamped with a postmark by the post office.

How did the leaf arrive in Ishikawa’s mail box? Well, because he sent it to himself, writing his name and address on the underside of the leaf.

This wasn’t a pure act of mischief to mess with the postal system, however, as the leaf was sent as part of the Tarayou Project (“Ilex Latifolia Project”) to spread awareness about the Ilex Latifolia tree. The leaves of this evergreen tree, a species of holly native to southern Japan and eastern and southern China, can be written on, in the same way that certain palm leaves …continue reading