We put these internationally lauded dumplings to the test.

Recently, our Japanese-language reporters Go Hatori and Takashi Harada have been taste-testing unusual gyoza from around the country, but little did they know that one of Japan’s most lauded dumplings was hiding right under their noses in Tokyo.

Recommended to them by a reader, these gyoza come from Maruyama Gyoza Seisakusho (Maruyama Gyoza Factory) in Suginami Ward’s Koenji, and they’re so good they’ve been listed in the 2021 Michelin Guide.

Needless to say, our gyoza-loving reporters were excited to try these dumplings, and they decided to really put them to the test by trying both their in-store and frozen versions, to see how well the cook-at-home gyoza stood up to the freshly made ones.

▼ So off to the Gyoza Factory they went.

They decided to order a gyoza set meal, comprising of 12 dumplings for 913 yen (US$8.34). Maruyama offers a choice of garlic gyoza or non-garlic gyoza, and our reporters opted for the recommended with-garlic variety. When the dumplings appeared, the first thing they noticed was their size, which were a little smaller than usual, but biting into them revealed they were tender and full of flavour, melting on the tongue with a hit of garlic that wasn’t too overpowering — the balance was just right.

▼ Now…how would the frozen dumplings fare against the freshly made ones?

The frozen gyoza can be ordered online and our reporters purchased a pack of 30 for 1,815 yen, with postage costing an additional 766 yen.

The dumplings that arrived were as small and bite-sized as Go and …continue reading