We know how you feel, panda.

A lot of us have put on a little weight during the pandemic, and if you’re one such individual, don’t beat yourself up too much over it. With nowhere further to walk than the confines of your home, constant access to all the snacks in your pantry, and the option of wearing loose-fitting sweatpants day in and day out, it’s understandable if you’ve been taking in more calories than you’ve been burning.

We’re only human, after all…but then again, maybe we’ve got some company with Japan’s newest cute animal capsule toy figures.

Called What’s My Weight Today?, the line is a team-up between toymaker Takara Tomy Arts and Tanita, Japan’s most prominent manufacturer of personal scales and health monitors. There’s a total of six self-weighing animals, and on our first try we got the panda, whose confused expression reminds us of one we’ve made before when the number the scale is displaying isn’t one we’re eager to accept.

▼ We call it the “Wait, I didn’t eat that many Pikachu butt macaroons, did I?!?” expression.

▼ The deflated posture as acceptance sinks in is also one we ca relate too.

Since this is a tie-up with Tanita, each animal’s scale is a replica of an actual model made by the company.

In the case of the panda, it’s the BC-315, accurate to two decimal places, and sure enough …continue reading