Hashimoto becomes the undisputed, certified Queen of Tissues.

It was eight years ago that a photo of young idol Kanna Hashimoto dancing spread through the Internet like wildfire and earned her the title of “the once in a millennium idol.” Since then, it’s been a non-stop rise in show-business appearing in TV, film, and eight out of 10 commercials at any given moment.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the 22-year-old Hashimoto has now joined the rarified ranks of Guinness World Record holders. Appearing on the TV program 130,000,000 People’s Show Channel on 12 June, Hashimoto broke the record for “Most Facial Tissues Pulled Out of the Box in One Minute.”


— 橋本環奈 (@H_KANNA_0203) June 13, 2021

A crucial aspect of this record is that it can only be done with one hand, but Hashimoto seemed confident she could surpass the previous record of 140 tissues in one minute. As the Guinness official watched on, Hashimoto started with her palm flat on the table and then began plucking like the wind when time started.

She showed a keen sense of conservation of movement in her technique, swinging her forearm at the optimum angle for tissue removal and displacement far from the box. This would be the key to her success, because Hashimoto knew that after enough time a large enough pile of tissues could develop around the box that would severely hamper her ability to keep plucking.

Still, with the sheer speed of her endeavor tissues had eventually begun to gather around the working area. However, without missing a beat, she used her one available hand to sweep away the mess and resume plucking. Hashimoto also used her knees to help keep a steady momentum.

▼ Full video of the record attempt

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