There’s a lot of great curry inside this machine, but one in particular is really something special.

Japan’s awesome vending machines have long been one of our favorite things about the country, but recently they’ve really been on a roll. Our recent visits to Sriracha and blind-buy whiskey vending machines already had us falling in love with mechanized commerce all over again, and then we found a vending machine selling all sorts of different types of instant curry!

We came across this wondrous machine by accident when we tried going to Curryland, a curry specialty shop in Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood. Unfortunately, we rolled up on a Tuesday, which turns out to be the store’s regular day off. Shortly before our eyes filled with tears at the prospect of going home empty-handed, though, we spotted the curry vending machine just outside the entrance.

Taking a look inside, our eyes were greeted by a huge variety of regional curries incorporating local ingredients from Hokkaido, Hiroshima, Yamanashi, and several other prefectures.

We narrowed our options down to three types, and unable to pick just one, bought all of them to take back to SoraNews24 headquarters and taste test. All of them come in vacuum-sealed pouches, and before eating them you either boil the unopened pouch in a pot of water or pour the contents into a dish and heat them up in the …continue reading