All in a day’s work for this creative idol.

If you’ve ever visited a Japanese train station in Japan, it’s likely stayed with you as a very Japanese experience. Rubbing shoulders with people from all walks of life is a great way to feel like a local, while the trains and stations themselves are filled with all sorts of foreign sights and sounds that make for a memorable journey.

If you’re lucky, one of the sights you might see at the station is a young woman with the power to control a train, if this recent viral video is anything to go by. Shared with the message, “Moving trains is my side hustle“, the video shows Japanese idol Tenka no Chan Yuki, who goes by the handle @yuki_banamon online, wielding her magnificent powers over an oncoming train.


— 天下のちゃんゆき (@yuki_banamon) June 12, 2021

▼ The clip above shows Tenka “pulling” the speeding train into the station…

▼ …before she starts ushering it past her with a series of powerful, well-placed swipes, until…

▼ …she unleashes it from her grip as it passes by, leaving her twintails flying in the wind as it leaves the station.

The clever video had train enthusiasts and fans alike jumping up to give Tenka a standing ovation.

“Great arm movements!”
“What a fantastic illusion! The driver of the train must have been pulled by your invisible force.”
“We’re indebted to …continue reading