A helpful guide to the reservation process, precautions, and possible side effects you can expect when getting the jab in Japan.

While a lot of countries overseas have been vaccinating their residents for a while now, Japan has been relatively slow to follow suit, with a large number of under-65s still waiting to receive vouchers from the local government, which are required to receive the free vaccine.

It hasn’t been an easy road for those who’ve received their vouchers either, as many have run into problems when trying to secure an appointment, and our reporter Ikuna Kamezawa found herself in that exact situation when she tried to make a booking at a clinic in Nakano, the ward of Tokyo where she resides.

Bookings were full until 15 August, after which time she’d have to battle it out with other residents to get her jab, so she decided to try her luck at the mass vaccination site set up by the Self Defense Forces in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward.

The mass vaccination site has been set up as an option for those wanting to receive their shot as soon as possible, but it too requires a reservation, so Ikuna had her laptop at the ready at 11:45 p.m. on 25 June, 15 minutes before reservations for the week began.

As soon as reservations opened, a notice appeared, which read:

“Due to extreme congestion, you will be connected to the reservation site in turn. However, please be aware there is a possibility that the reservation screen may not show by the time you are connected.”

This had Ikuna on edge, but she was thankfully able to proceed to the reservation page and …continue reading