Head of state also picks up an amazing One Piece souvenir that any fan would treasure.

When French president Emmanuel Macron arrived in Japan last week, there were two highly publicized reasons for the visit. One was to attend the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, and the other was for summit meetings with Japanese prime minster Yoshihide Suga.

However, part of Macron’s itinerary in Japan has dropped the jaws of people even with no particular interest in sports or politics, as France’s head of state also met with some of the biggest names in otaku culture.

このひと時を皆さんと分かち合えることをとても嬉しく思います。「AKIRA」「FAIRY TAIL」「ダークソウル」「光」をはじめとする皆さんの数々の作品は、日本だけでなくフランスでも神話になっています。文化は人々を結びつけます。友情を込めて。

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) July 23, 2021

At the opening of the video shared through Macron’s official Twitter account, he can be seen, with the help of an interpreter, speaking to a Japanese man in a dark suit. While not every fan may recognize the face, that’s Hiro Mashima, manga artist and creator of the Fairy Tail anime/manga franchise.

Macron hasn’t summoned Mashima just to fanboy over him, though. As they speak, he expresses his sincere appreciation for Mashima’s work, which he says is immensely popular in France, and Mashima humbly adds that he himself greatly admires French culture.

Moving to his left, Mashima next introduces himself to a second Japanese man. This is Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of such enjoyably punishing video games as Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro.

▼ For anyone who’s played Miyazaki’s notoriously merciless games, it’s almost surreal to see people standing in his presence but not suddenly die a brutal death.

After they speak, Macron next turns to an older, more casually dressed gentleman. This is none other than Katsuhiro Otomo, manga artist and creator of Akira.

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