Summer in Japan is brutal! The high temperature combined with the unrelenting humidity make some people believe that summer is one of the worst times to visit Japan. However, not everything is that bad. Summer can also be a great time to enjoy the country if you have the right resources to deal with the heat and humidity. Here we introduce you some of the best products you can find in Japan to deal with its brutal summer.

Refreshing wipes

In the same way that in winter we have “hot patches” available to deal with the cold, if you want to alleviate the heat of the Japanese summer you just need to go to a drugstore and buy refreshing wet wipes. Refreshing wipes are usually marked with the word ice (アイス), like the Gatsby Ice Type, quite common and easy to find.

There is also a kind of refreshing sachets that are activated with a tap. Once you buy them, you give them a little tap and after a few seconds they become incredibly cold. They can definitely help you cool down in moments of great heat.

Tenugui wipes

Tenugui wipes (手ぬぐい) are a Japanese summer must for both men and women. They are 90cm x 35cm rectangular shaped hand towels that include traditional patterns. They are often used to dry sweat from the forehead and neck during the summer. Many men and women tie them around their heads to control heat and sweat. It is interesting to note that the edges of the fabric are never sewn so that they do not get dirty and can dry quickly. It is very difficult to survive the harsh summer without these wipes.

Cool sprays and lotions

These sprays are like icy relief in a can – shake, spray, and feel instantly cooler! They are an ideal instant relief …continue reading