We check out the Tokyo 2020 official beat music being played at four special locations.

After a long and scandal-ridden lead-up to the Tokyo Olympics, the 2020 Games are finally underway in the capital, and even though locals aren’t able to attend any of the events in person, there’s still a sense of sporting spirit in the air.

One of the places where that spirit can be felt is at train stations along the Toei subway. Had the Olympics gone ahead as planned, these stations would’ve been bustling with local and international visitors right now, with special signs in place to help direct crowds to some of the big venues for sporting events.

While the crowds aren’t here, the signs are, and we took a trip out to see some of them, alighting first at Kudanshita Station on the Shinjuku Line, where we were met with a sign that read: “Nippon Budokan“.

▼ The red “Tokyo 2020” signs act as “sub-names” for the station during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and will be up until 30 September.

Kudanshita Station is conveniently located a short three-minute walk from the indoor arena, which plays host to the Games’ judo and karate events.

Ryogoku Station on the Oedo Line goes by the subname of “Kokugikan“, due to its proximity to Ryogoku Kokugikan, also known as The Sumo Stadium, which has been turned into a single-ring boxing hall for the Games’ boxing events.

▼ Stairs and escalators at the four stations are also decorated with 2020 signage.

Over at Kokuritsu Kyogijo Station on the Oedo Line, we have the Olympic Stadium, which plays host to the …continue reading