Did your favorite Weekly Shonen Jump anime make the list?

Weekly Shonen Jump is probably the most recognizable Japanese manga anthology magazine in the world, simply because it has been host to some of Japan’s most famous series. Founded in 1968, the magazine is now well over 50 years old and has serialized hundreds of manga, many of which have been made into anime that achieved just as much, if not more, fame and popularity.

That’s a lot of anime, so which ones are the best? 1,425 Japanese anime fans voted, and the results are in! Here are the top 10 most entertaining Shonen Jump anime of all time, as ranked by Japanese otaku.

10. City Hunter

City Hunter was one of the most popular anime of the 1980s, but with a recent successful movie also under its belt, it’s probably also highly popular with younger anime fans, too. City Hunter revolves around the antics of Ryo Saeba, a womanizer and private detective, and Kaori Makimura, the tomboy sister of his murdered partner (whose untimely death is ranked by fans as one of the most impactful in anime), as they operate their one-stop-shop business called “City Hunter”.

The original manga was serialized in Jump from 1985 to 1991, and the anime, which was created in 1987, became a huge hit all across Asia. Its success earned it several follow-up series, animated movies, live-action movies, and live-action dramas from all across the world, including a Hong Kong action-comedy starring Jackie Chan.

9. Naruto

Arguably one of the most popular anime of the 2000s, Naruto can absolutely be considered one of the most quintessential “shonen” style anime. Combining exciting fantasy action and slice-of-life, coming-of-age drama, everyone fell in love with Naruto and his dream to become a powerful ninja and the leader of his village. Seriously, there’s a …continue reading