Enako’s first “no-cosplay” photo book promises to be her “biggest exposure in history”.

There are a lot of cosplayers in Japan, but none of them come close to Enako in terms of fame and income. Her success in the industry has led her to be dubbed the country’s “number one cosplayer“, and in recent years, she’s been branching out to explore new ventures that include gravure modelling.

Now, after becoming a covergirl for Shonen Weekly Champion, and cosplaying in racy costumes for the magazine’s gravure spread, the 27-year-old is venturing into new territory again, with her first-ever non-cosplay photo book.

Called “Off Costume“, the new photo collection is being billed as Enako’s “biggest exposure in history”, and judging by the preview photos released ahead of the book’s debut, Enako is baring more of her natural self than ever before.

▼ The photos were taken by top photographer Kazutaka Nakamura.

In discussing the upcoming release, Enako says:

“This is the first time for me, as a cosplayer, to appear in a photo book without any cosplay!
I’m pretty much without makeup, and honestly, I’m really excited because the cosplay that up until now has given me confidence is no longer there.
I think it’s a collection that captures me as a woman, realistically and true-to-life!”

The photo collection is all about capturing the woman behind the cosplay, in natural everyday scenarios far removed from her fantasy costume world. Fans will be eager to see this new side of Enako, and anticipating the huge response, the photo book will come with different perks exclusive to different retailers.

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