PCR Test In Tokyo Travel 2

If you are planning to travel out of Japan, chances are you will need to make a PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) before your trip. Indeed, a vast majority of countries (and airline companies) require a negative PCR test in order to make your trip.

This safety measure has been put in place in order to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

If you are planing to make a PCR test in Tokyo, check out our tips and our recommended provider below.

When to make your PCR test?

The requirements depend on your destination but most of the time, the PCR test needs to be done 72h before your flight. So if you plan to fly on Friday for example, you would need to do your test during the 3 days prior to your flight, from Tuesday.

What we would recommend is to actually make your test 2 days (48h) before your flight to make sure you meet the requirements. If we take our example again (flight on Friday), you would make your test on Wednesday, receive your results one day later (Thursday), and finally fly on Friday.

What type of PCR test should you make?

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Another thing to have in mind before to make a PCR test is what type of test you will choose. They are mainly 2 different types of PCR tests:

  • The nasopharyngeal swab where the sample will be taken from your nose. This test is a bit uncomfortable but it’s the most reliable.
  • The saliva test where the sample will be take from the saliva you would split from your mouth. This test is more comfortable but …continue reading