When traveling with children, food is always a stress factor. What can my kids eat? Will my kids be willing to try new things? Will I have to eat at McDonald’s every day? I am a firm believer in traveling to eat and during one of our recent visits back to Japan, I hoped that my toddler would be able to experience the country with a happy belly. The result: I found that food in Japan is extremely kid-friendly and my 22-month-old son still considers miso and natto (fermented soybeans) to be his favorite.


The thick noodles have a winning texture that my son can’t get enough of. Usually it’s too hot in the broth, so I pull the noodles out into a separate bowl, use a handheld noodle-cutter (from the ¥100 store) and spoon the pieces into his mouth. With the prime ingredients being wheat, water and salt; udon noodles don’t offer a nutritional goldmine and are not a significant source of vitamins or minerals, but they can fill your little one easily and make them enjoy their lunch.

Tamago Sushi

What’s not for kids to like? Egg… good. Rice… good. Easy for toddlers to eat with their hands… good for mommy! Ranks high in all nutrition factors, too, so it really is the golden lunch for toddlers.

Curry & Rice

If your kid is a picky eater like mine, getting him to eat vegetables is usually a pain. Fortunately, he likes the …continue reading