Full villainous fashions at a fraction of the price!

Although it’s still a good week before the end of the year, we’ve been seeing a lot of year-end fukubukuro or “lucky bags” arriving early in the form of fukubako or “lucky boxes.” These are when a retailer ships the lucky bag directly to homes, especially to prevent large crowds from gather during the pandemic.

This time, a lucky box arrived at our writer Masanuki Sunakoma’s home from Birth Japan. As we’ve seen before, Masanuki has often flirted with the dark and dangerous side of society, getting bad-guy haircuts and flamboyant Coming of Age Day kimono.

So Birth Japan was the perfect source for his ideal lucky bag. In fact this is his third time purchasing one from there.


2020 (accessories courtesy Taco Bell)

As you can see, this online retailer specializes in fashions geared towards bad guys of all stripes, from yankees to yakuza. Their lucky bags are especially wicked and boast an 85 percent satisfaction rate among their clientele. That might seem a little low, but considering Birth Japan caters to street fighting men who can’t get no satisfaction, it’s actually pretty good.

This year, Masanuki got the Kanzen Do Akuto Fukubukuro (Total [Bang!] Villain Lucky Bag) for 8,888 yen (US$78) before tax. It was about twice as much as his previous two outings, but this bag is said to contain 38,000-yen worth of Japanese bad-guy fashion.

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