Interesting overlaps and differences between genders.

For most people anywhere in the world, marriage is a life changing decision. No matter how many people you dated before you found “the one,” marriage brings with it lots of new adventures and experiences, but it’s also not without its challenges.

And sometimes, those challenges make people look back fondly on their life when they were single.

Recently the Japanese web management service WebStar Marketing reported the results of a survey filled out by 500 married Japanese men and women asking them exactly that: what they missed most about their lives before getting married.

▼ Shockingly, “being able to shave my legs alone” didn’t make the list.

Here are the results, first off with how many people overall ever missed single life:

Often miss it: 14.8 percent
Sometimes miss it: 56.4 percent
Don’t really miss it: 24.4 percent
Don’t miss it at all: 4.4 percent

When broken down by gender, 23.8 percent of men “often miss it” while only 11.2 percent of women do, and 27.5 percent of women “don’t really miss it” while only 16.8 percent of men do. So it seems as though there is a significant difference in men missing single life more than women on average.

Here are the top five specific reasons why they miss single life compared to married life, separated by gender:

1. No free time
2. Can’t use my money how I want
3. Activities are limited
4. Frustrated with my spouse
5. Want more romance

1. No free time
2. Activities are limited
3. Housework/childcare is difficult
4. Can’t use my money how I want
5. Dealing with relatives is difficult

Both men and women having “no free time” as their number one is understandable, though likely less due to marriage itself …continue reading