Add ceremonial salt to your fries, fight in the ring on a pouch, and watch a wrestler grow in your water glass.

Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with Japanese brand Felissimo, and in particular their You + More sub-brand, which takes its name from the similar-sounding “humour“. As the name suggests, all the items they create have humour at their core, including their latest collection, which is based around Japanese sumo wrestlers.

Designed by a serious sumo enthusiast, the new items in the range come from a place of real respect for the traditional sport, balancing a sense of authenticity with fun elements to create a range that’s entirely unique.

There are four items in the collection so let’s take a look at them all, starting with…

▼ The “Hakkeyoi, Nokotta! Sumo ga Toreru Dohyo Pouch

Hakkeyoi” is the phrase shouted by a sumo referee when both wrestlers have stopped moving, while “Nokotta!”, meaning “Not yet!”, is shouted by the referee when one of the wrestlers goes on the attack. “Sumo ga toreru” means the wrestler has fallen out of the “dohyo” (“sumo ring”), and that’s exactly what you can do with these zipper wrestlers, pushing them back and forth as you create your own sumo bout.

▼ The pouch can be used to hold all sorts of small goods, like stationery or even tissues.

As always, You + More proves its items aren’t just …continue reading