50-year-old burger character is traded in for a newer, younger, human model.

It’s been 50 years since Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger opened its doors to the public, and over that half-century innings, the chain has grown to become the country’s most beloved homegrown burger joint.

Helping to win the affections of the public is the chain’s cute burger mascot, Mossan, who made its debut in 2009. Said to have been born in 1972 in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward, Mossan often appears on in-store signage and as part of the toy range included with kids’ meals.

▼ The mascot has also made appearances in the chain’s annual lucky bags.

The cute burger has been bringing smiles to customers’ faces for the past 13 years, but now, at the ripe old age of 50, it’s been announced that Mossan will be retiring to make way for a new, younger, human character called LilMos.

Despite having a name that sounds like it belongs to a rapper, LilMos looks like he’s time-travelled from the past, with his suit, bow tie and red top hat, which is said to be a precious item given to him by his grandfather.

According to the character’s bio, LilMos stands at 123 centimetres (four feet) in height, when wearing his top hat, and was born on 12 March, although his year of birth isn’t given.

As the “Mos” in Mos burger stands for “mountain”, “ocean”, “sun”, the kanji for these three words (“山”, “海”, “太陽”) appear in bold in the bio, mentioned as: “climb to the top a mountain” (as one of the things LilMos wants to do); “play the …continue reading