So today, my blog is officially 12 years old. I don’t have much to say, but I know my writing has slowed down a lot. I haven’t written as much as I used to due to other interests taking my time (*coughmahjongcough*).

But after some personal stuff I experienced recently, I want to get back more to writing. Playing mahjong is nice and all, but I don’t have super aspirations to become this high-level player. Plus, I’m way past the normal age range for a riichi mahjong player outside of Japan.

I’ve forgotten how much joy I get from reading manga at times. I still read a bunch, but my brain was so focused on playing mahjong with people. I realized how nice it is to find a community of people that I was comfortable being around. At the same time, I’m facing a bit of dissonance of how close I want to be around them. I think it’s because of my tendency to not really talk much about topics I don’t really care about or have no knowledge of. I prefer thoughtful responses instead of responding with snapshot memes.

In any case, I want to focus my attention back here because to be honest, I don’t want to be known as some mahjong player. There’s some messages I received from readers that made me realize what I’m able to do and who I am at my core.

Plus, there’s some changes I’m starting to implement and something will happen very soon. Let’s just say this will be a big change and when the time comes, there will be a big post about it. The one thing I can say about this change is that it’s one that’s very much needed for me and this blog.

Thanks to anyone who’s kept …continue reading