Artist makes a point about manga tales and ponytails.

There’s a character design archetype in anime and manga, where a shy girl who doesn’t want to stand out or just isn’t particularly interested in looking fashionable will wear her hair in a ponytail. A hairstyle that’s tied back works as quick visual shorthand for a similarly restrained personality, so it’s easy to see why this is a common choice by artists for a character with a shrinking demeanor.

“In manga, you often see shy, plain girls who aren’t trying to be fashionable with hairstyles like this,” says Japanese Twitter user and manga artist @sateyo, who drew the example illustration above. However, that’s not all she has to say on the subject. “But I want to say that I think this is inaccurate,” she goes on, adding:

“The way real shy non-fashionable girls wear their hair…is like this!”

私、不器用ですから#コルクラボマンガ専科 #漫画が読めるハッシュタグ #コミチマンガ

— さてよ (@sateyo) April 25, 2022

The difference between anime/manga and reality, as @sateyo sees it, is where shy girls tie their ponytail at. For anime character designs, the hair is gathered higher up, she says, at the point at the farthest back of the head. In real life, though, a shy girl who isn’t trying to look fashionable will instead tie her ponytail at the lowest point possible, basically where the back of the head meets the top of the neck, she explains. “If you try to go higher than that, it’s a lot harder to gather the tail.”

@sateyo, who says she herself does the low ponytail style, includes a disclaimer that this is her …continue reading