Is there any need to stay once the movie’s ended?” Ami Suzuki commented on panel show.

One of my earliest experiences of culture shock after moving to Japan wasn’t having to use Japanese style toilets, or constantly being complimented on my ability to use chopsticks — it was during my first trip to the movie theatre. As the credits started rolling, I did what I expected everyone else would be doing — I stood up to leave, only to have my Japanese friend tug on my sleeve to make sit me back down. “It hasn’t finished yet,” she whispered, and as I looked around, every other person was still sat in their seats, eyes glued to the credits rolling up the screen.

It was only when the last of the credits faded away and the lights came up that everyone started gathering their things to leave, but that moment always stuck with me. Bear in mind that this was before the days where post-credit scenes were really a thing, too.

Ever since then, I’ve dutifully stayed sitting until the credits have finished in full (with the exception of the movie Cats, where my friend and I made a beeline to the exit the moment the movie ended).

I thought I was the only person who didn’t stay and watch movie credits, but it turns out I have an unexpected ally in legendary ’90s J-pop idol Ami Suzuki.

Ami Suzuki serving 🌻 [1999]@amisuzuki #鈴木亜美

— Brian • TA (@ohsixthirty) May 6, 2022

Suzuki recently made headlines after an appearance on TV panel show Girl’s Barking Night. The show features a male host with a panel of female celebrity guests, and the topics discussed on the show usually provide a good opportunity for …continue reading