Source: Grape

While we all know Ikea primarily as a place to shop for furniture and interior goods, the Swedish store has also made a name for itself in the food world. Many people cite the meatballs as one of their favourite parts of visiting Ikea, and in Japan they’ve taken this one step further with awesome food fair campaigns.

This includes spooky menu items for Halloween, and sakura-inspired eats for cherry blossom season. Now fans of green tea have been blessed with a full ‘Matcha Fair’ lineup, perfect to kick off the summer with.

The treats on offer include western-style desserts such as pancakes and muffins, as well as traditional Japanese-inspired sweets such as daifuku. There’s also plenty of ingredients often found in Japanese desserts such as mochi and adzuki beans, that pair sublimely with matcha.

There’s a matcha and warabi mochi pancake with a generous helping of whipped cream for just 700 yen.

An afternoon tea set with three treats to enjoy coming in at 590 yen. It features matcha gateau chocolat, matcha strawberry daifuku, and matcha mont blanc.

These desserts can also been bought separately. The matcha gateau chocolat will set you back 350 yen, the matcha mont blanc comes in at 290 yen, and the matcha strawberry daifuku can be yours for only 190 yen.

There’s a slice of matcha tart (390 yen).

A matcha roll cake (290 yen).

Matcha muffin (250 yen).

A matcha bagel with white chocolate chips makes for an interesting combination (200 yen).

Ikea’s soft serve ice cream is always a winner, and their matcha flavour can be tried out as a soft …continue reading