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If you are an American living in Japan, you have probably noticed the breakfast cereal craze never caught on here. Of course, some of us are happy to live a healthier diet and break away from the morning sugar rush, but now and then, I want an unhealthy bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

Unfortunately, unlike supermarkets back home with entire aisles dedicated to cartoony mascots peddling cavities to children as part of a complete breakfast, the cereal selection in Japan is sparse. Your options are typically cornflakes, expensive granola or disappointment.

So what are we to do when we want some delicious cavity crunch? Thankfully, you’re in luck. Here is a quick rundown on finding your favorite breakfast cereal in Japan.

Supermarkets and import shops

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Finding good cereal in a Japanese supermarket? You might as well be dreaming.

If you search online for where to buy cereal in Japan, your first hits are typically from non-Americans telling you “the supermarket.” You’ll also get recommendations for import and discount stores such as Kaldi, Gyomu Super and National Azabu in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, 90 percent of this is more granola and cornflakes. However, you can sometimes find foreign cereal like Choco Teddy and Jungle Crunch from Switzerland in the import shops if you’re lucky.


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