Big brother is watching…and taking notes.

There are so many capsule hotels to choose from in Japan, but if you want to stay at one that tells you how many times you snore during the night, you’ll want to book yourself into 9 Hours Woman Shinjuku.

Sorry, blokes — as the name suggests, this particular branch of the trendy 9 Hours capsule hotel chain is a women’s-only establishment, and it just opened in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district on 29 April.

Luckily for us, this new branch is situated a 30-second walk from our office, so our reporter Ikuna Kamezawa decided to check in to the hotel after work, relishing the chance to avoid the long commute home and back again the next day.

It didn’t take long for her to arrive at the newest 9 Hours, which has 14 locations nationwide, two of which are women’s-only, including this one.

This would be Ikuna’s first-ever stay at a capsule hotel so she had no idea what to expect, but she was glad to see the entrance seemed warm and inviting.

As soon as she stepped inside, she found there was no traditional check-in desk with staff on hand. Instead, guests are required to use the smart check-in machines.

If there are vacancies, you can stay without a prior reservation, but if you want to ensure you secure a capsule for the night, it’s best to make a reservation …continue reading