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Recently, there are many items labeled for gaming. Gaming mice, gaming chairs, gaming headsets, the list goes on. If you’re a gamer, you may own some of these.

A Japanese sake bottling company, SakeBottlers Co. Ltd., has launched an interesting project. The CEO, Mr. Suzuki used to place highly in fighting game tournaments and also hosted tournaments of his own. His company’s current project is making a handy type of sake (Japanese rice wine) for gamers! The gaming sake’s name is “GAMING RAINBOW” and it’s the second in their HITOMAKU series of sake bottled in decorative cans.

This project is very exciting! Let’s check out the details!

Super cool bottle designs by two popular artists

The most unique characteristic of this modern sake is its bottle design. Two cool artists have joined this project to contribute their unique designs!

This is the Kinu Nishimura 西村キヌ version. Kinu Nishimura is a Japanese illustrator, character designer, and game designer. She used to work for Capcom., Ltd. She contributed artistic work for video games including CODE OF PRINCESS, Culdcept Revolt and more. She has also contributed to anime and even theater plays!

This is the whole picture of her design. If you look closer, you can find the GAMING RAINBOW bottle in the picture! Where? It’s on the table on the right.

Another talented artist for “GAMING RAINBOW” is ミカ ピカゾ Mika Pikazo!

She is well known as the character designer for the famous Vtuber, 輝夜月 Kaguya Luna. She has even contributed to the key visual and costume designs for Magical Mirai, the super famous annual Miku Hatsune concert event. In addition to those standout contributions, she also contributed to Fate/Grand Order, popular light novels, and CD jackets.

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