Source: Grape

The 24/7 non-stop physical, mental and stressful aspects of parenting makes raising children in the 21st century essentially a full time job. With endless nights of lack of sleep, never-ending cycles of cleaning, the learning curve for both child and parent, and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears, the position comes with a minimal amount of “me-time” and is not for the faint of heart.
Luckily, Japanese entertainment company TAKARA TOMY has designed a product that can take on a specific parental responsibility, which in turn frees up some time for mum and dad to use however they wish.

The product in question is Coemo – a story-telling speaker that, through Artificial Intelligence (hereafter AI), reproduces the voices of parents.
The child-rearing support gadget has a free content collection consisting of 60 various stories and songs from both Japan and the rest of the world.

Coemo’s state-of-the-art AI synthetic speech synthetic technology “Coe Station” is able to reproduce a natural story-telling voice that copies the emotional expressions and intonations of loved ones. This imitation can help children to relax, as familiar voices of mum and dad (or other loved ones) read out their favourite stories.
In addition, Coemo comes with built in sound effects and background music that match each individual story. These elements add a further touch of entertainment and realism to the abilities of Coemo.

Content already installed on the device includes a range of stories from across the globe, such as a selection of Grimms’ fairytales and traditional Japanese folktales, nursery rhymes and music box melodies.
A bonus feature is the collaborative content that has been produced with professional sleep company “BRAIN SLEEP”. This includes 5 original Coemo content, such as soothing sleep music and “Nerumae Taisou” (pre-sleep exercises) that have been designed …continue reading