Now you’ll never need to spill crumbs all over yourself or your keyboard again while you’re storming the enemy’s base.

Unique digital gadgets retailer Shanghai Donya, previously seen here in conjunction with the DotsPen, has saved gamers everywhere from one more spill with its new light-up LED gaming chopsticks. The glowing utensils went on sale on May 26 for 580 yen (US$4.56) at computer specialty store Dospara locations throughout Japan and on its online store.

Keep a pair on your gaming desk so that you’ll never have trouble grabbing those little chips or candy pieces inside a bag in the darkness. We shudder to think how much more productive Light Yagami would have been with his Death Note had he employed these in his dark room.

▼ “Lights off” on the left and “lights on” on the right

They’re not only handy, but their sleek design is also meant to complement your gaming experience. Press a simple button to light them up and choose from nine different light colors to best suit your current on-screen visuals or current mood.

You can even set the individual colors of each stick to make different combinations. Might we add that since they’re basically mini lightsabers, you should definitely use them while playing a Star Wars game to enhance the experience?

The bulk of the chopsticks are made from transparent resin. They’re approximately 260 millimeters (10.2 inches) in length and the grip …continue reading