If you have been living in Japan for a few months, buying a bike is a good idea. Bike riding can save you so much time and energy, especially if you live in a rural area. Where buses and trains are limited, having a bike will give you more freedom and flexibility. Plus, reducing your commute will give you more free time!

Where to buy a bike in Japan

Buy a bike from a specialist shop

Due to the universal popularity of bike riding in Japan, bike shops are everywhere! Even if you are hesitant speaking in Japanese, buying from a bike shop is the highest recommended option. The staff have the knowledge to suggest the best kind of bike for your size, weight and safety requirements. They can also help set up your bicycle insurance.

Check out used bike options

Buying a bike second hand is a great way to pick up a bargain. This is a good option if you only plan to live in Japan for a year or two.

Recycle Garden Yoyogi in Shibuya has a huge range of discount and used bicycles. Suginami Clean Cycle in Tokyo is a system where locals sell used bikes they have repaired themselves. It is a very environmental way to pick up a bargain!

You can also try local community forums and asking around your workplace. Even in small communities, there is usually someone who has a pre-used bike they will be happy to pass on to you.

Buy a bike online

Another option is to buy your bike online. This has the advantage of avoiding any awkward Japanese, but the prices may be higher. You can buy bikes from large online retailers such as Amazon and Rakuten. Please note that not all bikes will arrive pre-assembled, so check before you add to cart. Also, …continue reading